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Hi everyone

I am a formerly competitive natural bodybuilder. I have been training for 20 years, played football at the collegiate level, and am even working on a master's degree in exercise science. When it comes to gear, however, I am a complete noob. I came to a personal realization, recently, that I no longer have a realistic expectation of competing, again. So I asked myself: "what do I ultimately want to get out of my training?" And the answer to that question is progress. I want my work to count for something, and to be able to see new gains. I am almost 34 years old and most of my PR's are 5-10 years old, from times when I was carrying higher amounts of bodyfat. So for the past 10 years or so, I have been busting my ass, only to see a slight decrease from my peak form.

I have been showing signs of dropping test levels, like: lower energy, decreases in strength, decreased libido, depression, and ED... however, when I had my levels tested, all my doctor would tell me is "that I fall into the normal range for men my age."

I have been pretty successful, naturally. In all of the shows I did, I was the most muscular competitor. At 5'10", my competition weight was 204lbs. I made it to the overall in a huge pro qualifier, in my very first show, but lost to a dude 2 inches shorter than me, and 70 lbs lighter, in the overall... which kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. The trend continued, where I was consistently beaten by guys in the 160's, at the same height and leanness... mainly because I have a "blocky waist", and my abs dial in last. So my legs could be the biggest onstage and shredded beyond belief, but if another guy had a nicer 6-pack, he'd always get the nod. Anyway, all of this led to me putting off shows, until I came to the conclusion that I don't want to compete anymore.

So with that said, I am currently sitting at 215 pounds, which is about 20 pounds over my lowest depleted competition weights, and I have decided that I want to make noticeable progress again.

I have been hearing about SARMS, and am strongly considering taking the plunge and seeing how my body responds.

My biggest questions are about stacks and expectations. I know that asking for a stack is sort of taboo, but if anyone has a link to the best info on stacking sarms, I would greatly appreciated the read. I would also love to hear about expectations for a first cycle. What sorts of gains have people sern(both immediate and permanent) from a first cycle?

I'm excited to be here, and look forward to learning and gaining with you.


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I'm sorry. I realized I posted this in the wrong sub forum. A mod can feel free to delete this thread, and I can repost in the correct place.