New dude, Introduction.


New member
Age 29
Height 69 inches (5'9)
Weight 178
Body fat % 12 - % 14
Years of training 7
Complete cycle history : Never have ran a cycle yet. Only have taken GW a couple times
PCT for each cycle N/A
Goals: Maximize athletic performance and build lean muscle.
Supplements Whey Protein, Fish Oil
General idea of nutrition Not allergic to anything.. currently cutting trying to get down to 10% before I cycle
Any other relevant info : I have had some back injuries being prior military having to haul a ruck sack around my back a bunch. no surgeries

Hello everyone I'm Corey new to this form I've been posting on EVO some been getting some useful information there decided to join because I watch Dylan G's youtube channel a lot and he rep's this website so I'm sure this is a very informal community.. I hope to gain some knowledge and experience through this forum and pay it forward like you guys do! I currently haven't ran a cycle yet but I will after doing a lot of research and detailed information you guys always put out.
Welcome to isarms bro. Glad to have you here with us. Let me know if there's anything I can help with
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