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Need some TRT advice


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I've had a really hard time dialing in my TRT, and I've been on for years, I've been on 100-200mg, my most recent prescription was 150mg but I lowered it to 100mg as I feel my bloodwork is overall really good on 100mg. The issue has always been that my E2 is at a relatively normal dose, 32pg/dl (it stays at 32 from 100 to 200 on a sensitive test) and I feel no real benefits and have NO libido and ED. The times I have felt best and alleviated this, sometimes for months at a time, is when I take about 1/4 to 1/2 of an aromasin daily..... the problem is, this will drive me down as low as 8pg/dl, which I'm not sure is safe long-term

These are my bloods, all are on a trough, taken Thursday, my last injection being Monday morning.

on 100mg and 500iu HCG:
Total Test: 790ng/dl
Free Test: 21pg/dl
E2 (sensitive): 32
SHBG: 28.3 nmol/L

Everything stays almost the same on 200mg, my Total test goes up to 950 and free test 24 and I still feel no benefit so, being a "use the least amount possible" guy I think my numbers on 100mg per week look ok and for now am doing that. Thyroid panels are in normal range.

Any suggestions? Am I just one of those people that does better on lower e2? Some people said maybe 790 is too low for me, but I mean at 950 I still have no drive, no energy, ED etc. AND my RBC/Hematocrit starts to get a tad high so it's not like I can just keep pushing the test higher and higher.


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why are you not discussing this with your doctor to get dialed in properly... thats their job and when it comes to something like trt, thats who you should be discussing this with.. they should be monitoring you and know all your medical history, etc...