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Hi all,

I'm writing to you today because I need help figuring out next steps. Let me explain; almost 3 years ago I was in an accident and was injured. I tore my pecs in 3 places, which healed well but I also injured my lower back seriously. I could barely move for 4 months. Long story short, after a looooong time of rehab, doctors have given me a green light to hit the gym again with a lot of limitations concerning certain types of excersices.

Before my accident I had been training consistently for 5+ years. I enjoyed training hard and kept my diet "Ok". I say Ok because I never really intended to give up things like alcohol (moderately though) but still kept my bodyfat % to around 13%. I wanted to keep fit without giving up some of the fun.

I have lost a lot of muscle and gained a lot of fat. At some point I went up to 25% bodyfat. My stats now are:

AGE: 43
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 176 lbs
BODYFAT: around 19%

Here's where I'm at right now: I know I have to start training like a beginner again but I'm limited to the type of excercises I can do for back and legs. My doctors have said that it's IMPERATIVE to build muscle to help with injury prevention. My injury is not operable and can come back at any time (I could get injured getting out of bed) so having a muscular frame prevents this to a high degree. One of my doctors sugested I look into testosterone for helping me build muscle faster. So I've spent the last two months researching steroids and thinking about starting with a T only cycle. I 'm 43 years old and because of my injury, I don't really have the time left to restart another 5 years before another injury occurs.

What I'm thinking is lowering my BF % to around 12 % and then going on cycle. Keep my diet in check (no alcohol!).

I understand that under normal circumstances I would have to fulfill my natural potential before even thinking about steroids (which I was doing up until the accident). But now I'm looking at either living with the risk of injuring myself picking up a pen from the floor or taking another path to eliminate risk quicker. The cycle I was thinking of doing would look like this:

Week Test-E Arimidex Nolvadex Aromasin
1 500mg week 0.5mg eod
2 500mg week 0.5mg eod
3 500mg week 0.5mg eod
4 500mg week 0.5mg eod
5 500mg week 0.5mg eod
6 500mg week 0.5mg eod
7 500mg week 0.5mg eod
8 500mg week 0.5mg eod
9 500mg week 0.5mg eod
10 500mg week 0.5mg eod
11 500mg week 0.5mg eod
12 500mg week 0.5mg eod
15 40mg per day 25mg per day
16 40mg per day 25mg per day
17 20mg per day
18 20mg per day

Any thoughts, comments, guidelines or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am only starting to look into SARMS but don't yet have a good understanding about how they could help.
If your doctor told you to look into testosterone you should ask him to prescribe it. I highly doubt your doctor advised you to illegally obtain testosterone to build muscle yo prevent injury.

Also bro... if you're concerned you might hurt yourself picking up a pen, hopping on a cycle isn't gonna prevent that injury from happening. It's only gonna make you want to pick up heavier shit..

Also.. if you're gonna run arimidex you can't stop for ester clearance. You'll rebound and end up regretting not continuing through pct.

I hope you come to your senses. This isn't a good idea.
I applaud you for wanting to get back in shape after such horrific events but with your situation being so delicate do you think its a good idea putting something in your body thats going to make you want to push your body to the max whilst knowing you could be severely injured "picking up a pen"? Imagine wanting to pick up 100pd db's or deadlifting 350-400pds?
Sarms are far more suited for you right now. But they won't keep you from getting hurt necessarily. You still have to be very careful. Steroids are a bad idea. If you have low T then that's a different story and should be on trt for a while before considering a cycle.

I would go with and do a healing stack of:
And maybe GW

RAD140 wouldn't hurt either.

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Couple of things to clarify; it is not that I'm sitting in a wheelchair, it's that the injury could come back again if there is no muscle to prevent little things like "picking up a pen", so it's very frustrating. I am trying to understand all of the implications of a cycle but that's why I'm here. SARMS do seem like a first step by all means. Also, I'm mexican and doctors here are not as aprehensive with the steroids subject as they are elsewhere. Still, I get the impression that in general, doctors everywhere are not necessarily well informed about the subject unless it is on TRT.

I knew from the beginning that T wasn't ideal. Question here is, how can I start building again fast to prevent further injury? If you guys think SARMS will get the job done, awesome. What else should I know with that stack? PCT? 12 weeks or less?

On a sidenote, I hired a personal trainer to help me lift as much as possible but in a safe way.

I really appreciate all of your comments, thank you so much.
I would def say sarms could help in both healing and building muscle. but it is very imperative which you already know I am sure that you take it very easy I mean start with elliptical and maybe a rowing machine to get your back good before you do any lifting as far as deadlifts etc or anything heavy that may cause injury a lot of stretching maybe even some yoga a pilates just as a start
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