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Mid cycle labs. Test Cyp 400 Primo depo 600 EQ Cyp 500 per week w/GW.


Just got my mid cycle labs done.

Everything came back good except my except my HDL was low.
Total cholesterol was 176 with range of 100-199.
I’ve ran GW with the cycle and bumped up the cardio to 6 days a week.
Prior cycle cholesterol was 224 without GW.

BP good
Lean mass coming in nicely
Little to no water retention
Strength gains now kicking in as expected
Slight increase in aggression
No bad sides to speak of.

My BF took slight jump so got to correct that after cycle or on back half of cycle.

So my debate is bump the EQ to 800mg or add Anavar 50mg/week the last four weeks???
Or just keep doing what I’m doing.

BF 16
TRT when not on cycle
Goal. More lean mass, less BF. Not in a rush. In this for long haul.