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Currently running my first real sarms stack.
TRT, GW 25mg, RAD 25 mg, LDG 10mg

I’ve ran AAS cycles in the past with a variety of compounds. I decided to run a sarms stack with my TRT and see what type of results I could get. I am absolutely blown away with the strength gain and size gains already. I’m six weeks in and have put on 9lbs. I was 6’1 226lbs 16% bf. Now Sitting at 235lbs now. I’m sure some is water but my goodness the results are impressive. It feels like my very first cycle. Only side effects are slight water gain and little bit of acid reflux. I’m heading in tomorrow for mid cycle labs.


Got my mid cycle bloodwork back today. My total cholesterol improved, my HDL improved , my LDL improved, no effects on the liver enzymes. Only noticeable change was my triglycerides did get worse but it’s not significant. Overall I would say basically side effect free.
So far I’m super happy with the results from the cycle. My strength is definitely increased as well I’m noticeably more full.


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Dylan, is the above mentioned stack a good 1st sarm cycle with trt I’m in the same boat
Age 42
Goals lean mass, strength gain, minimal sides
Trt 200/wk cyp
you need to start your own thread... its very rude to hijack another persons thread...

i would go with gw, s4 and mk2866... you can get everything you need at


I’m about 4 weeks from finish of 12 week cycle. Been a fantastic cycle. Definitely exceeded my expectations.
-shoulders increased by 2in in circumference
-chest by 1in
-BF stayed same and I kept waist circumference same even with adding on 9lbs
-arms no change but this has always been difficult area for me.
-increased vascular look
-weight gain at its peaks was 9lbs increase. Once I got water retention under control I think I’ve gain 6-7lbs of lean mass
-strength increase has been amazing. Hit several PR one of which was Hammer strength Shoulder press 330lbs x 4. I don’t do these complex lifts with free weights anymore due to my age of 42. Hammer Incline press 310lbs X 6.
-positive change to HDL and LDL
-liver enzymes not affected.
-triglycerides took hit but not huge
-mild water retention. I’m very prone to this.
-slightly increased blood pressure. Directly related to the water retention IMO.

This will be my go to bulking cycle from now on. Really impressed with effectiveness of sarms.
Just don’t forget I was using base of test 200mg a week with this.


Going to wrap up this post with my final thoughts on this cycle. I?m just about done with the 12 weeks.
Went for a couple of PR today. Hammer strength mil press PR was 300lbs at beginning, today I put up 370lbs. Fantastic strength gains.
For me I used this as a lean bulk cycle and was able to add 7lbs of lean muscle. That?s good for me considering I?m 6?1 235 and moderately lean at 16% bf. I?d love to get to 12% one day but I like to eat and not fan of cardio. I did do 25min of cardio a day which is my normal cardio. I keep my calories around 2800-3000. I felt way healthier on this sarms bulk than AAS bulks I?ve done in the past.
I will definitely run this cycle again towards end of summer.