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Maybe I’m just getting old...


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Day 10 running 25mg of MK677 - Holy shit. I’ve had sleep issues my whole life. Not any more. I sleep like a baby and 7-8 hours feels 10-12. Let me be clear this is not day time drowsiness. Elevated sense of well-being, likely from the sleep quality. I’ve noticed I’m finding a couple reps left in the tank even after I feel like I’m at failure. My back is actually feeling a lot better too and I think that could be sleep related too. I’m not as stiff in the morning and don’t have immediate discomfort. Placebo or legit I’ll take it. Only weird thing was crazy sweats the first couple days but those stopped. This is good shit.

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Good to hear brother. Glad everything is going so well for you. Thanks for the update


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I am a physical therapist and work with spinal cord injury so I definitely have back pain from lifting etc. There is alot of research about multifidus atrophy and back pain. Roman chair is a great way to strengthen it and has made a big difference for me.

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