Looking for information on Super Mass 5 by Sarm Source Labs


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Went to my local supplement store a week ago and he was out of most of his usual SARM but he had a liquid by Sarm Source called "Super Mass" which I have also seen referred to as "Super Mass 5" Here are the 5

Rad140 10mg/ml
YK-11 10 mg/ml
LGD4033 10mg/ml
MK2866 15mg/ml

It comes in a 30 ml bottle and you can take 1 ml once per day or .5 ml twice per day. Has anyone taken this before and if so what was your impression and or observations? I don't know much about Laxogenin but read it is one of those "plant steroids" so I'm going to assume it's useless. Even when I shake the bottle before extracting the liquid with the dropper I notice it comes out very cloudy and even has little tiny white chunks.

I'm also not sure that 45 mg of Sarms per day is even safe so any feedback would be appreciated. thanks!
I have heard of it and like every other sarm combo attempt, I have heard nothing good from it. These "stacked" sarms always end up having several problems, ranging from very large and uncommon side effects, being misdosed as well as misadvertised. You cannot just throw a bunch of shit together like this and that's why you never see these sold at larger or more mainstream sites, because they are well aware that this is not something that works well nor should be done... I would not use this whatsoever... I have heard from people about this particular product, having NON sarms type side effects, from estrogen conversion to high toxicity... Its your call but i would go nowhere near it
I have heard similar problems with this product that Dylan has. I would not recommend ever using a sarm that is said to be pre stacked like this either. It does not seem anything good comes from these type of products.
bros that sounds like a fake sarms place
use umbrella or s4s
ROIDDERS SAYS > super mass 5 is spiked with prohormones go look it up, fake ass brand sarms
I have no experience with that source/brand so I would just forget it and plan a cycle around my goals and order from either S4S or Umbrella. At least you know you have legit products that way.
Id recommend sticking with trusted sources. Check out or umbrella sarms
Run it at your own risk but realize that local supplement stores really shouldnt have sarms....Id stick with our sponsors here
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