Lgd-4033 log 2017


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** ** lgd-4033 sarms1
********************** ** Bulk Cycle

** Ive been working out for 5 years. I'm 21 years old. Played football, baseball in high school. Joined the US Army a few years ago. I've been through various types of physical training. I'm brand new to the forum life. So bare with me!

* Starting a small cycle, 8 weeks long. Received the package super quick from sarms1. I have cycled ostarine from sarms1 and I loved the results. I will not post everyday, only key points, pros and cons. Tag along! Give support! :)

☆Starting weight- 181lbs.
☆End weight-192lbs.



•BF- my current Body fat is unknown, I'll post it in a couple days.

** I will diet(high calorie), use protein, and creatine everyday. I'm taking 10mg of lgd-4033 at 630 pm. I want this log to be very simple and easy to scan through. This will not be complicated but rather an easy to follow log!

****************************** Day 1

****************************** Chest

-Flat Bench barbell (with negatives)
-Dumbell press (with negatives)
-Cable press
-Machine press (with negatives)

***************************** Triceps

-Tricep pull-down with rope
-Individual dumbbell skull crusher
-Cable one arm pull-down
-Bench dips
-Close grip push-ups


☆Everything was normal. As excepted. No crazy pumps!

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Sarms1 dude. I mention it above hahaha

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i see it now.. good fucking lord... who talked you into that massive mistake bro? please tell me you didnt buy a lot from them... i left them several years ago because of the bull shit they were selling and pulling on people... man, don't expect too much from it... just so your not disappointed and then get a bad taste in your mouth about sarms... you can't judge it on this quality...


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I've heard mixed things. I tried the ostarine from sarms1 a few months ago and had pretty good results from it. So I figured I'd give lgd a try.

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