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Stretch’s Banned Nutrition Log


Stretch’s Banned Nutrition Log.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to run Cardazol and M1-MK from Banned Nutrition. For those just stumbling across this for the first time Cardazol is used as a pre-workout and fat burner while M1-MK is the test booster with anti-E properties. I will post the dosing schedule at the end of this initial post for reference.
A little bit about myself: Male, 38 y.o. with history of lifting and road/mountain cycling.
What am I hoping to see from this log: I would like to see what most guys want… lose a little weight, have more definition and increase lean body muscle. I have currently dieted down from around 195lbs to about 183lbs - keeping my calories around 2k-ish a day. I will play with my protein and carb intake as I move along. Right now because of my job I get healthy meals a la carte all day (just about anything I could want) so the meal prepping has already been done for me. Here is what my training schedule will look like with some cycling thrown into the mix.

Monday: Back

Wide-Grip Pull-Ups 4×12-15
Wide-Grip Machine Pulldowns 4×12-15
Close-Grip Pulldowns 3×12-15
Close-Grip Seated Rows 3×12-15
Barbell Bent Over Rows 4×12-15
Deadlifts 4×8-10

Tuesday: Arms/Abs

Tricep Dips 4×8
Single-Arm Tricep Cable Pushdown 3×10-12
Skull Crusher 3×10-12
EZ Barbell Curls 3×8-10
Single-Arm Dumbbell Curl 4x8-10
Hammer Curls 3×8-10
Sit-Ups 4×50
Site-Ups Oblique Twists 3×20
Side Planks 3x 60sec.
Weighted Crunches 3×12-15

Wednesday: Quads

Squats 4×10
Hack Squats 3×8-10
Leg Press 3×12
Leg Extensions 3×12-15

Thursday: Shoulders

7x7 Dumbbell 3x8-10
Shoulder Press 3×8-10
Straight Arm Front Raise 3×15
Rear Delts with Cable Machine 3×15
Front Shrugs with Olympic Bar 3×15
Rear Shrugs with Olympic Bar 3×15

Friday: Chest/Abs

Incline Press with Olympic Bar 4×10-12
Flat Dumbbell Press 4×10-12
Cable Flyes 4×10-12
Straight-Leg Hanging Leg Raises 3xFailure
Abdominal Crunches on Machine or Cables 3×12-15
Cable Woodchop 3×15-20

Saturday: Hamstrings/Calves

Single-Leg Seated Hamstring Curl 4×10-12
Stiff-Leg Lying Leg Curl 4×10-12
Weighted Walking Lunges 3×10
Seated Calf Raises 3×10
Smith Machine Calf Raise 3×30

Along with running the banned nutrition Cardazol and M1-MK… I am running test prop only and dosing around 200mg every week. I’m keeping this simple so I can really see these products shine as I move along making progress. On cycle I really like to add in a test booster for lots of reasons. They usually keep that feeling of on and pumped lasting longer throughout the day. I’m hoping to see the Cardazol help with shedding any of the bodyfat I need to get off so I can rebuild on my trimmed down base. I will be doing bi-weekly check-ins and keeping everyone up to date on how things are working.

Please see the dosing schedule:
Dosing Week 1
1 cap of each first thing in the morning
2 caps of each 30 minuets prior to workout
1 cap of each 15 minuets prior to workout

Dosing after Week1
3 caps first thing in the morning.
1 cap 30 minuets prior to workout
1 cap 15 minuets prior to workout
1 cap 5 minuets prior to workout

3 caps first thing in the morning
1 cap 30 minuets prior to workout
2 caps 15 minuets prior workout
1 cap 5 minuet prior to workout

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First check in:

So, I’m about a week in. I’ve been following the dosing schedule and my training schedule very closely. I had missed Monday, so I am adjusting a couple of days this week to account for that.
The Cardazol is giving me a nice boost in the morning and combined with M1-MK it is keeping me alert throughout the day. There is one thing for certain I can testify too… that is that my focus has been razor sharp. I have been cutting through work like a sharp machete clearing brush in the jungle.
Finally starting to get some of the benefit of the lower blood pressure which is always a welcomed side. The M1-MK is certainly keeping the pumped feeling through the day. Even though I am sticking to my training schedule I still throw in some stuff at the house with my home gym. The nice feeling of pump and maybe getting a little dry now is inspiring me to pick up some weights when I’m just chilling at the house. Lately I am only utilizing road cycling to keep my metabolism activated and my legs warmed up. I’m already fairly lean so I do not want to lose any muscle on long bike rides.
Currently dropped a few pounds and down to 180. I may let it dip a bit more, but I will need to start adjusting my protein and carb intake soon. I would like to keep my diet super clean like I have now and just focus on more big clean proteins/carbs. I would like to see the needle move the other way on the scale (more weight) as I focus on lean muscle growth and minimize any added fat.
Overall first impressions: I’m liking this a lot! There was an initial body load the first two days, but I think it’s settling in nicely. The only thing I will say that has changed is my coffee intake for the day. I. absolutely love coffee but no reason to over-do it. The Cardazol and M1-MK is providing enough alertness for me all day. Looking forward to seeing some transformation as I move along.
Thanks for following.

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thanks for the update brother! yes, no need to overdo the caffeine intake... thats wise, you never want to do that... sounds great so far!


Been ridiculously busy at work but I have been staying right on top of my training. I’m into the second week of dosing and I’m feeling great. Now I understand why ESarms is being offered with these two products (Cardazol and M1-Mk). Combining these with SARMs I can only see massive benefits. I’m actually quite jealous of my brothers getting to run both I’m sure they are really dialing in to their training.
As for myself I am still holding steady on the dosing schedule for both Cardazol and M1-MK and my 200mg Test Prop a week. I’m at the point now where I am increasing some days to twice a day workouts and I believe I am at the point to start working some light running into the mix. This way I can start trimming down the little bits of excess body fat that tend to act as a stronghold around my oblique section.
What’s happening: Focus, massive clarity, pumped, shedding some excess water weight, dryer, strength is up and I know it’s helping me lean out more. I really wish I had started this with GW but I’m holding the course for now on not changing anything. I have stayed around 180lbs and that is why I want to start running/jogging a bit to see my weight drop to around 178-176 as I continue to build more muscle.
Two weeks in and I am very happy with the products. For sure would buy again and even though I am not running SARMs… my experience tells me this will be a killer stack if you threw in some GW or LGD etc…
Thanks for tracking along!

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awesome brother! yes, these are meant to be paired with sarms too so you will have to try that in the future... thanks for the great update and nice work!


Three weeks in and here is how everything is going. The Banned Nutrition products are doing a fantastic job. M1-MK is keeping my mood and libido topped off. In the morning when I combine it with the Cardazol my day starts off with plenty of energy, alertness and focus. I was able to get on my road bike after work on my arms and triceps day this week. Haven’t been on the bike in about a month but easily banged out 19 miles in an hour or so with a 17mph average. Good thing I haven’t been skipping leg day! Anyway… on the ride I noticed even though I’m not running GW with this cycle my BP was lower than normal. That is always warmly welcomed in my world. My recovery from the double workout day was fantastic. After that ride I showed up at 6am the next morning for leg day. Ending the work week it’s been nuts but I have to say that my energy is way up and my vascularity is popping. Both of these products are absolutely recommended by me on cycle. I’m going to miss coming off of it eventually.

Update on week 4. I have worked road cycling back into my regiment and over the last 4 days completed about 70 miles of riding and commuting to work. I have lost some weight due to the cycling but still building lean muscle with my weekly regiment. I can say the Cardazol and M1-Mk has kept my BP in a nice range as sometimes AAS can cause an increase in BP which doesn’t translate well to intense cardio activity. That being said I have been posting times on my road bike as if I have been training on it all year. BP is nice and low, recovery is great and the M1-MK is certainly keeping me dry and my libido has been way up!

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