Just finished first cycle


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So I took my first cycle and started with 15mg of ostarine. Not sure if it was real or working so I bought rad 140 3 weeks later from a different site and i could definitely feel a difference. Unfortunately I got strep twice durring the cycle and wasn?t able to take advantage of it as much as a could. I still put on good gains while trying to cut and the overal cycle lasted 12 weeks (including the potentially fake ostarine). Now I am currently 5 days off with no pct and feel fine. Testicles never shrank at all. My main question is that is it okay for me to start another cycle in about 4-5 weeks from now or do I need to wait another 8-12 (time of = time on). Additionally, anyone have recommendations for how to build muscle and burn fat with rad and Cardarine? Like diet, workout, etc.? Currently 5?11? 158lbs and probably about 11-12% body fat. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.


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Just cuz you fee done after 5 days from stopping cycle means nothing. You might feel effects in a few weeks who knows but not doing any kind of a PCT including just taking a good test booster or test boosting supplements is not a smart move what so ever.


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Take a month off before starting anything. Next time get quality sarms from