IWGF as solid as they come


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So here’s the deal. I reached out to IWGF. For some Axiolabs letro on the fly due to a Gyno flare up (I had AI on hand. Turns out it’s bunk). It was getting pretty out of hand and I’m in pain. I ask him if it’s possible to ship it that day. I know they have a lot going on and I typically don’t like to rush the process but it was an emergency. Instead of ignoring a problem that has nothing to do with him, he simply asked me my address and OVERNIGHT shipped me enough to help me out until I order out of his PERSONAL. Now listen. I’ve had sources make things right with orders in the past. But never has a source gone that far out of there way to ensure my personal problems were taken care of and that is hands down, the most A1, top notch service you could ever have. Always go to these guys for your needs because that’s who I’d recommend every time. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me with my own individual needs. That’s the difference between a good source and a great one.

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Oh and I wasn’t charged or asked for any sort of payment in return. He simply thanked me for coming to him for my business.
Hey Bigsteve!!!! Actually I’m not surprised at all!!!! IWGF is the best dude you will ever find!!! Service is unreal and gear even better if that even possible!!! Very happy you got taken care of bud!!!

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Different experiences, same result. Makes everything right, ships right away, goes above and beyond, you can tell he values his reputation above everything else.
Super solid dude! Shipped me extra gear before just because he didn’t get an email from me that wasn’t even his fault! I didn’t even ask he just sent it with my pack! Even more important his gear is always Good to go!
It’s been 3 days not only are my nips not in excruciating pain anymore but the lumps are shrinking as well.... once again very solid products axio
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