IWGF & 9th wonder TD

I can vouch dealing with IWGF great products fast shipping excellent customer service

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I don't know that it is better in potency. Peak is a Domestic UGL. The Axio is made in a real clean room with medical grade equipment and ingredients. The Peak is hand filled capsules for orals where the axio are all machine pressed tablets. The Axio is a higher end product but the Peak does a good job for a lower price.

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I’ve been on the dbol for about 2 weeks now and it’s strong. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight and strength. And my nips are slightly sore so good shit guys... keep it up.
I've been looking to pick up some more tren and all the positive Axio feedback has me hooked. I'll be ordering some ASAP.

I got two pills left of Sibutraplex and it’s probably the best cutter I’ve ran. I’m slowly making my way through their gear and everything has been outstanding

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