How to make life and bodybuilding work together


I am finally on the right road in life . Real soon my brother and I will be in business together taking over an auto shop and driving a tow truck part time . This means lots of hours working and I have no problem with that at all . But my main concerns are not getting fuckin fat !! I refuse to become a fat beast. Unfortunately with my genetics I don't just stay lean I have to keep up on it .

the training part is a no brainer . Keep the Intenaity up . The diet has always been the problem. Let's say I work all day and out in the tow truck all night ? How would I be eating ? Let's be for real I can't stop every 3 hours to eat and nor do I want to if I'm crankin and making money .
I have been stuck in this up and down spiral of weight gain and loss for years for multiple reasons . Not knowing how to transition back to mantain witch I recently learned thanks to the people here . I don't mind eating clean at all infact I much prefer that over anything else . I am a food eater not junk plain and simple. Would this all jiT come down calories in vs calories out ? Knowing my body I think the a moderate carb high protein would work. also. Lot of places now have calorie info posted at restaurants if I get
Something on the road .
another obvious is meal prepping too . Any one have any tips on what they do ??


Wait so you have never meal prepped? Really not even once? Then watch this it will help.

Hope this helps solves your meal prep problems. If you cant eat 1 meal every 2 hours then try eating 2 meals every 6 hours. That's like a normal western diet eating 3 times a day. You are still getting the exact same nutrition as if you ate 6 meals 6 times a day.
Im sure you manage eating every 6 hours. Same end result.
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You are going to have to learn how to meal prep bro. Because of the nature of my job, it's a necessity and requirement. I have two days per week I make up all my food and then have it divided up into Tupperware containers. Then I take containers with me to work to cover my meals for the day. Simple. You iust need to have access to a microwave


I do meal prep every Sunday . It's. It about meal prepping . What kind of foods to be eating . If I'm awake long hours keep eating the same ?? Cut carbs down or up .


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Meal prep.meal prep.meal prep.I worked on the road for 15 years.There's almost NO good food to get on the fly on the road,unless you live around a Muscle Grill or something similar.I always bring my meals with me in a small cooler.I still do it now that I'm back in construction while the rest of the crew is eating BK or McD's(puke).