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High estrogen before cycle


Would like to start a first cycle following the advice of the experienced guys here - just testosterone (500mgs, not decided yet on the ester) and arimidex (0.25 mgs). The problem is that I have done pre-cycle blood work, and it showed that I got quite high estrogen levels, as well as test levels - So what should be my plan? Do I need to lower the estrogen first? Or should I just rely on arimidex during the cycle to keep estrogen under control?

I am 23 years old, 5'8 tall, weigh 180 lbs, 12% BF. If you will give me a good to go for the cycle, will start right away!


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If you have normal testosterone levels and you want to start into performance enhancing drugs your best bet would be to try out a sarms stack or something along those lines. We need to make sure your SARMs stack is also supported by a plan of cycle support products to keep your estrogen low as well, like arimistane. Maybe taking testosterone would not be the best idea for a first cycle, at least not until you have done a proper sarms stack.


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I would take care of the testosterone first, even though your cycle plan is good enough. It would be a good idea for you to start off with SARMs first, and in the meantime use some aromasin and see how it changes the situation. But since testosterone will aromatize into estrogen, I don't think it is a good idea to start using steroids without taking care of the already elevated estrogen levels.