Help with backup plan appreciated!


Not sure what went wrong with my first post. Trying again...

I was planning on running the following 12-week cycle, with the goal of lean mass gain:

300 mg Test P
600 mg Bold Cyp
600 mg Primo
50 mg S4

It's looking like half the order was seized, and considering it takes a good month for delivery to my APO (not the mention the time it will take for the seizure letter to come), I'm trying to workout a plan B. It appears all I will have to work with is the 4,000 mg of Test P and part (5,000 mg) of the Primo, along with the S4. I'm wondering should I...

- Lower the Primo dose and stretch it for 12 weeks, or run it at 600 for 8 weeks?
- Add some additional SARMS to the cycle to makeup for the missing gear? RAD, LGD?
- Or put the whole cycle on hold until I secure the gear from an alternate source?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!


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you could run primo at 400-500 mg and add some sarms to it and have a very effective cycle... you could easily add rad140 and gw501516 and it would be extremely effective


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Can't you just hold off and run your original cycle plan when you're able to get all of the juice?