HCG with peptides


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Hi Dylan, I LOVE your youtube videos and love your realistic/healthy aproach to the compounds and supplements you cover. I made a thread on this forum asking for advice but I trust you 100%, and I know how you feel about HCG, but hear me out.

Before I begin, I would like to say I have done TONS of research and know fully every side effect of the things I am about to take, so I don't want to be lectured about the safety concerns.

I have on hand a "cycle" of peptides that I will be taking for 33 days (no reason to be 33 in particular, however that will empty my vials) in an attempt to grow taller. Will this work? I don't know, but I am desperate to get taller.

This will be my cycle:

CJC-1295 (no dac)- 100mcg 3x day
Ipamorelin- 200mcg 3x day
Hexarelin- 50mcg 3xday
Adex- .5mg e3d
Caber- 100mcg e3d (may adjust depending on prolactin sides)
Cortisol control supp
potassium and dandelion root if I bloat up from the increase in HGH
melatonin pre bed

The CJC-1295 w no dac will be to pulse rather than bleed gh which is better for height. Ipam, while more expensive, will be in replacement of a ghrp 6 or 2 in order to combat the hypoglycemic hunger side effects, and the hexarelin will be to make me pulse gh even stronger. The adex is to keep growth plates open and the caber is to prevent any prolactin from the hexarelin.

Now, would adding HCG, say 250iu eod, and potentially upping the adex to .75mg e3d, help by making my body think its going through a maturation stage again influencing an increase in vertical height?

Finally, I would like to say I work in a medical office, and know how to properly pin sub-q injections. I have gotten many male hormone panels taken and have gotten "low" test readings (350-425 ng/dl). While this is still a natural level and I can properly ejaculate and all, I am wondering if this is a perfect opportunity to trick my body into growing in height.

Please leave suggestions below, and keep the hate away. I am mature for my age, thoroughly researched these compounds, and have weighed the pros and cons. Thank you.

Height: 5'8
Age: Older than 18
Weight- 174
BF%~ 12%
Training Years- 3
Age older than 18? Does that mean 18 1/2? Not a good way to get around telling age. Lol. No harm to me though lol.
To answer you, there’s a 99.5729% chance that you won’t get any taller. As males, our growth plates fuse faster than females. We tend to stop growing right around your age where as a female can grow into roughly the age of 22ish.

Some others will chime in soon as well.
I have taken numerous peptides cycles and am still only 5'7, so I don't think your plan to grow taller will work.
Bro your not going to grow any taller from a drug at your age . Just except how you are and enjoy your life height doesn’t mean shit your value does

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good lord i get this question literally daily and like saiyan said, NOT a good way to try to get around telling your age... you are not going to grow from taking hgh at all