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I really want to get off the finasteride due lowering libido and erection quality but I have not found anything else that really works. I have good genes for having a full head of hair but I think my TRT started to convert to dht in my mid 40s because from 45 to now I started thinning rapidly only in the front of my scalp. Finasteride stopped it and a little regrowth but the sides suck. I have seen some claims on sarms/peptides but I trust this group and wanted to get some firm opinions. Thanks
running a correct trt dose will go a long way to preventing an excessive amount of dht conversion

too many people run too high a dose and run into problems like this. just remember if your hair is thinning just imagine what is going on in your prostate too
You can only fight genetics so much man. Some guys have full heads of hair well into their later years but many do not. TRT or not its inevitable if youre prone. I'm thinning too at 48 but it is what it is. Im not afraid to go bald when the time comes
Ive never hid my feelings on my disgust and hatred for finasteride...

Follistatin 344 Peptide
: Measurements in a small trial of 26 individuals showed a 20% increase in hair density and a nearly 13% increase in overall thickness. These results remained for at least one year following treatment with a single intradermal injection of a follistatin/Wnt- complex:

GHK-CU Copper Peptide
is of help:
heres a ton of info to look through...

TB-500 :
Thymosin beta4 increases hair growth by activation of hair follicle stem cells

Thymosin beta4, a 43-amino acid polypeptide that is an important mediator of cell migration and differentiation, also promotes angiogenesis and wound healing. Here, we report that thymosin beta4 stimulates hair growth in normal rats and mice. A specific subset of hair follicular keratinocytes in mouse skin expresses thymosin beta4 in a highly coordinated manner during the hair growth cycle. These keratinocytes originate in the hair follicle bulge region, a niche for skin stem cells. Rat vibrissa follicle clonogenic keratinocytes, closely related, if not identical, to the bulge-residing stem cells, were isolated and their migration and differentiation increased in the presence of nanomolar concentrations of thymosin beta4. Expression and secretion of the extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme matrix metalloproteinase-2 were increased by thymosin beta4. Thus, thymosin beta4 accelerates hair growth, in part, due to its effect on critical events in the active phase of the hair follicle cycle, including promoting the migration of stem cells and their immediate progeny to the base of the follicle, differentiation, and extracellular matrix remodeling.
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Drop the finasteride for sure man. It will ruin your dick and libido. Genetics are the boss so you just have to either accept hair loss or stop using any PEDs.
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