I have just finished a test only cycle and my nipples are really sensitive and sometimes even like a burning sensation I am taking arimidex .5 eod and I have started taking 20mg x2 of nolvadex which I wasn’t due to start until next week feeI like I am panicking a bit. Should I increase the arimidex to daily or up the dose any help will be appreciated I can not get my hands on aromisin which I know is stronger than arimidex and I have just finished hcg

I have been having a bit of alcohol over Christmas could that have anything to do with it

44 yrs old

2nd cycle test only
It's probably the HCG spiking your estrogen going into PCT. You didn't mention your test dosage. You should be using Aromasin in PCT to prevent estrogen rebound. PCT at 44 years old huh? Brave man.

Sensitive nip(s) is not gyno.
I am using .5 arimidex eod going into my pct. yes 44 but only my 2nd cycle ever thought doing time on equals time off was best way to go.

There are no lumps my nipples are just a little sore and not also just get unusual sensations in them
Not sure where to get bloodwork done in the UK. Time off should be equal to at least time on plus PCT time. Remember HCG spike estrogen as well
I recommend getting some Aromasin continue PCT and do blood work after. No need to panic as previously said HCG will spike estrogen.
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