Will 3,5 week of gw have any benefits? Since I don't want to over do it, and i'm want the endurance aspect of it mostly since i'm a cardio freak.
I didn’t feel the effects until about 7-10 days in. On cycle now and using GW to combat the lethargic feelings I got from LDG & S4 stack.
I'm pretty sure you will want to run gw at least 8 weeks. It takes a few weeks just to feel the full effects.
GW is not a miracle drug you have to give it time to work. 12 weeks is the standard.
over do it? how on earth would you over do it in only 4 or 5 weeks.. that makes no sense whatsoever
That's more towards dosages. Certain compounds have a required amount time that's required to achieve maximum success. GW is 12 weeks.
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