GW and Osta log


Starting on Monday March 23rd I will be running my first ever SARMS cycle. I've ran GW in the past but since its not a sarm, it doesn't count! This isn't sponsored by I have bought all products and it will be 100% unbiased on how I feel and progress.

Overall goals for this 3 month cycle is to cut fat and gain some strength. I'd like to lose 50 lbs but will be happy with maybe 30 if this pandemic does not get in the way too much. I have resistance bands at home that I will use while the gyms are closed and after they open up I will start cycling on a peloton for maximum benefit of GW.

I'm really excited for my first cycle and ready to see what gains (and losses) I can achieve.

26, 6ft 2, 250 lbs


So quick update before I take my first dose tonight. My schedule is different then most, my mondays always start sunday night since i work all night and into the morning. So that means theres about 13 hours before I start and I'm beyond excited.

Now lets talk about my goals for this. I'm doing this to cut weight but I also want to take advantage of the strength gains. I know I shouldn't expect huge number gains but I can simplify it enough. I have resistance bands that are super stout. And my ultimate goal is to go up one band size on chest press. The band I'm currently using offers 160+ lbs of resistance and I can go for 15+ reps using it. Its 25 lbs below my max bench press which was 185. Next band above that offers 240+ lbs of resistance and I can actually do 3 reps on it give or take. I know expecting an 80 lbs increase with osta might be shooting for a different galaxy but hell its worth a shot. I will try to give updates every few days and will give a bigger update in a week or 2 when I think the osta has kicked in.

I'm going to try and make it as in depth as possible and filled with information so others trying to cut or newbies to sarms like me can see what to expect. I will post my next update in a few days and see how I'm feeling.


Was originally going to post this tomorrow but decided to do it today. So first dose of osta is in the system as well as GW and have to say after i did my workout and got some food in me I had this overall sense of well being. Felt like the calming effect CBD oil gives me but I haven't had any CBD in a few days.

Also got most the yard work done on sunday because quarantine. Getting leaves up and doing a mini scalp on the Bermuda grass. So I got a good workout in before i got the dose in and actually woke up not being sore at all. Which is surprising because I filled up an empty dumpster with leaves and dead grass.

All in all excited for the osta to kick in and see what I can do. Will try to update at the end of the week once I've done a full 6 days of working out.


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excellent bro, really looking forward to this log.. i think you are going to do really well with this cycle man...


Decided to post some day 1 pics to compare to month 3 in the future. Arms are not "small" but not defined like I really want. Will be interesting to see the progress over the months.

For some reason also my left arm looks smaller then my right. Not sure why haha.


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We love to see the before and afters and we hope and believe you will have excellent progress with this cycle


Day 6 has arrived and I can tell some changes are happening. Put on my work clothes and my sleeves fit a little tighter around my arms. Probably from me lifting again honestly. But all in all I feel great. Thanks to the quarantine I have been eating less but have not noticed any weight loss according to the scale. But its only week 1 out of 12 so no biggie. Also thought the everclear would burn more going down but all I get is a numb tounge. Must be from the whiskey I drink.

I also took some pics to show what I'm working with during this whole mess. And I have the weights that each resistance band can do at full extension.

White band: 10 to 50 lbs and 100+ doubled over
Light gray: 25 to 80 lbs and 160+ doubled
Dark Gray: 50 to 120 lbs and 240+ doubled
Black (Not pictured) 60 to 150 lbs and 300+ doubled


I posted in a previous thread about my goals but I will post them here. I want to be able to chest press the dark gray band for multiple reps (20 to 30) by the end of this cycle. I plan to dedicate at least one day to doing that band per week to try and gain strength that way. I also want to work on grip strength and improving that and using the bands doubled over under the board is an amazing way to do that. Hopefully this next week the osta will really kick in and I can start really seeing the difference. My reps are already improving but I will chalk it up to just lifting again for now.