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Getting Sick (flu like symptoms) While on Cycle


Morning all,

Just curious what you all do when you get sick while you're on cycle? My son tested positive for influenza b last Saturday, my daughter is dealing with similar symptoms but not been tested yet. I am also coming down with something. We all had the flu shot, but was told that it is not as effective this year by the doctor my son saw.

I did some searches online and found a lot of people keep pinning, but take a break form the gym till they are feeling better. Just curious what you have done in this type of situation. I plan to keep pinning and take it a day at a time for now.

Have a great fuckin' weekend, all!


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you take your ass to bed, period.. yes, you can keep pinning but in no way, shape or form should you be training with the flu


It really depends on the cycle your running. Harsher compounds can have a major impact on your immune system.