First SR9009 Cycle


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Hi everyone, so I recently bought SR9009 Poly from Umbrella and I started taking it when I received it Thursday afternoon; therefore I was wondering could I take 30 mg in one time per day as long as I do my workout within the 4-5 hour timeframe it lasts ?

Also my goal for using SR is fat loss because I'm currently 215lbs and my long term goal is to get down to 175lbs.
you can do whatever you want but with a 2-3 hour half life thats just not smart at all.. at the MINIMUM, i would split it into three doses.. its not a "pre workout"
i would do it like this

take the SR pre workout and run GW daily 20mgs

make sure you get from umbrella
Since you are taking it purely for fat loss, I would probably space out the dosing throughout the day. If you were already taking Cardarine as well and looking for overall performance and fat loss, I would just say to take it all pre workout since you have the GW in your system daily already.
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