First Short Ester Cycle Ever Log, From 1 Stop Domestic Shop


Holy cow guys , I had pumps in my quads and Lower back like I've never had before , not even on dbol . Right now I gotta stick to.seated leg press and quad extensions because I have a small umbilical hernia from squatting but sill my thighs blew up so tight I could barely walk for a couple a minutes after my leg presses . And my Dempsey rolls really finished off my back pump , weight felt lighter tonight so I upped it on leg presses and couldn't even tell I had moved the pin lol. I'm gunna take more selfies at end of week two , four , six , eight and ten . Kinda photo log along with my experiences both mentally and physically on this cycle , I felt pretty damn unstoppable tonight .
Had some great outside input yesterday. I couldn't get to the gym so I dusted off the old adjustable dumbells and did a home bi tri and delt work out , I was just finishing up and was taking off my shirt to get ready to shower and my wife walked in . Her jaw dropped and she said holy shit you blew up over night. I don't see all my progress because I look at me every day but my wife doesn't. I'm not a shirt off at night kind a guy so I usually have atleast a t shirt on at home . She says yiur shoulders are big a round and look at you chest and arms .it's nice to get that kind of compliment from the woman I love . I kinda want to wait a couple more weeks to really take a full array of pics to post here because I want some shock factor .the tren from one stop is solid af. I placed another order yesterday . I justbwanted to share this experience with you guys because it really made me feel great for the wife to be so blown away. She'd seen me get back in shape before several times but this is the first time in 5 years that I was able to really blow her away with such fast improvements.