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Hello all,

I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to make an account. I have read several stacks that Dylan recommends and my possible cycle is posted below. I have been transitioning from powerlifting to purely strongman over the past few months. I intend to do a 12 week cycle to bulk and hopefully see some strength gains. Once the new Source goes online, I will most likely use this thread to post updates. I am also getting blood next week and will post the results.

Age: 24
H: 6'2" W: 195lb
S: 325lb B: 225 DL: 455lb​

Stan Efferdings Vertical Diet (Super Strict)​

Possible Cycle:
1-12 mk677 25 mg/d.
1-12 lgd-4033 10 mg/d.

Mini pct 13-16

clomid 50/25/25/25
mk677 25 mg day​

I left out MK2866 and GW501516, because I'm trying to cut back on cost (currently a student), and i presume they're more for lean muscle and endurance/ heart rate (correct me if I'm wrong). I would like input on dosage if possible and any additions subtractions to the stack; can I do 20 mg of mk677 and LGD dosage.

EDIT#1: Additionally, I'm prescribed 20mg/d of Adderall. Not sure if there would be any conflict...
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everything looks great , i would just replace mk 677 with S-4 for 12 weeks at 50 mg/day especially if you're on a budget. S-4 is great for lean gains and strength
everything looks great , i would just replace mk 677 with S-4 for 12 weeks at 50 mg/day especially if you're on a budget. S-4 is great for lean gains and strength

Thanks for the recommendation! After some quick searches, LGD and S4 seem to be real popular. I mainly wanted to take mk677 for the increased hunger, would running 10 mg/d year round be worth while? along with S4 & LGD.
Updated Stack:
Week 1 - 12
S4 @ 50mg/d.
LGD-4033 @10mg/d.
GW @ 20mg/d.​

Week 8 - 12
DGA Post CT​

Week 13 -16
Clomid @ 50mg/d.
GW @ 20mg/d.​

From what I understand about GW, is that it is ideal for a PCT to reduce muscle loss/ fat gain? I'm sitting around 15% body fat, would I need it for weeks 1 - 12? If so whats the purpose?
yes it would be but if you want an increase in appetite you may wanna cycle it off for some time after ~2 months because it's ghrelin stimulating effects dissapear after some time ... test it yourself and see
yes, thats a great stack... s4 is going to give a lot of strength and paired with lgd, thats absolutely perfect for your goals...
I ran the lgd and s4 stack and I will say it was an amazing cycle. Strength went up along with clean mass. Hunger definitely increased on this cycle, even without the mk677
I had placed a Biotech order for the above cycle on Monday 2/25 and received them Friday 3/1.


Started on 3/2 and coming up on week one. I will be posting weekly/ bi-weekly updates on body weight and strength gains, possibly physique photos but I don't really lift for physique.

Body Weight: 191lb
Week 0 Lifts:
S: 315lb
B: 225lb
DL: 355lb

Atlas Stone: 240lb
Stone to Shoulder: 170lb
Yolk: 465lb x 30m
Farmers: 235lb e/ hand
Log Press: 155lb
Week 5 Update

I haven't posted about weights because my current program doesn't have me go above 80%

Body Weight: 205lb this morning
Week 5 Lifts:
S: 335lb for a tripple
B: 225lb for 5 reps
DL: 415lb for a tripple

I have since moved away from strongman because my work has me traveling a lot and the implements aren't always available.

I have gained roughly 15 lbs and have seen a loss in body fat. I'm unsure of the amount of BF but it is apparent from my physique.

The strength gains are exactly what I was hoping for. Workouts have gotten more intense, sometimes I have to shorten them because of an excessive back pump.

Vision sides: I have noticed minimal sides. For me, it seems as if my eyes are slow to dilate when going into a dark room or being outside.
Daily Eating

M1: half a tub or 430 grams of greek yogurt w/ 100g of blue berries

M2: 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, hand full of spinach and half a bell pepper. I will have a piece or two of Ezekiel toast if I need the carbs.

M3: Chicken shake - roughly 150g of chicken breast, half a cup of egg whites, hand full of spinach and water. All put in a blender.

M4: Salmon fillet and a cup of rice

M5: Chicken Shake

M6: A steak or 2 burger patties, a cup of rice, some carrots and half a sweet potato

M7: half a tub or 430 grams of greek yogurt w/ 100g of blue berries

Sometimes I will have an addition meal like meal 6 and a "serious mass" weight gainer shake.
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