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This my first post after being gone for 2.5 years. I was dstrong1 on my old account. But lost all my passwords and such. So i created new one. Had to go do a bit! Covid had us on quarantine so no weights or rec of any type. Lost muscle got fat. Lol. But im ready to get back going! When i left i weighed 165. Bench 315, squat 405 ,deads 405. Anxious and worried to see where im at now! Lol. Anyway hello everyone.


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Glad you are back brother. Just jump right back in, work on diet first, muscle memory will do the rest. Keep us posted on your progress!


Welcome back!

I can contact amin for you and request a password reset for your old account if needed.
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Glad to see you got posting finally bro after you PMed me abput it. Dylan can get your old account unlocked as well


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welcome bro... i can help you with your old account on a reset if you like or you can start fresh, just let me know


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Might as well keep it fresh. Its a new day for me. Glad to to see some familiar names! Tells me this forum is doing well.


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It's so encouraging to see you posting and sharing your determinations.

It's easy to get carried away when first back in the gym so I'm just going to post the foundations of form here for all others getting back into the physique groove.

-Pause at the starting point of the motion
-Initiate the motion with the target muscle
-Squeeze at the top
-And control the negative

I keep the rep range in the 12-15 range at the start of any new routine, and even then not to failure. This gives the joints and tendons a chance to aclimate as you gradually increase the weights and drop the reps.

In the coming week just start noticing your nutrition intake and as you consider your immediate physique goals (i.e. cutting, bulking, or otherwise) you can gradually implement changes.

And, of course, post up your workout routines, ideas, questions, etc. to maintain a sense of connection with like minded individuals.

It's a fresh beginning...


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Definately gonna take it slow. No time for injuries. I used to be type that wants immediate results. But ive learned patience over these last couple years. Also im 44 now. Just gonna enjoy the process. Ill be starting back with mostly compound movements. Probably dips and pullups for upper body. Squats and legraises for lower. Just to get going. Maybe lil jogging for some cardio. Im a bricklayer so getting back to work is literally kicking my ass. Lol. But im looking forward to a new journey.