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Easy instructions for newbies


For anyone new to this forum I want to save you some time. This is not the only way to go about things but it is a tried and true process that will save you time, money and headaches and pointless side effects
Step 1. List all your stats and goals on the forum page and ask politely for cycle help.
Dylan, Rick, cbbram or one of the many other seasoned veterans will give you safe and honest advice
Step 2. Once you?ve decided on your cycle contact cbbram or Rickrock for all your aas and ancillarie sources. Then go to sarms4sale for all your Sarm needs.

It doesn?t get any easier than this

There are of course other sources out there but from my experience you CAN?T go wrong following this, Especially with sarms, and as far as cycle advice goes, just listen to what Dylan and the other vets tell you. Believe it or not, your health and safety is in their best interest. These guys here are the best

To anyone I didn?t mention, I mean no disrespect, it just because we haven?t crossed paths
Stay safe everyone