Do you need an end cycle PCT if you are not at your genetic peak


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So after you 12 week dosage of any sarm... Obviously first or second time users wont be at there genetic peak.. My question is if you still keep working out at the same rate once you get off, constantly every week go 5 pounds more, or 3 extra reps, so constantly trying to improve once you get off, and your clearly are not at your genetic peak, Do you need a PCT at end of cycle, and if you do, would it be the same amount as if you where at your genetic peak, or less?
I was going to do this a few years ago, but right when i went to start, I literally had a divorce and custody battle that cost 15 grand, it was rough man, but now I am finally stable and can commit to my improving myself in every way.
OFF NOTE... How do you feel about TONAL... It seems legit... but I Want an honest person who works out advice and not some paid review on youtube.
Pct has to do with recovering your test levels. It has nothing to do with your genetic potential. You need pct every time regardless
the purpose of pct is to give yourself a soft landing

you don't want to crash then you will get all depressed, lose libido and not want to train or do anything. that is why we do pct. accept you will lose gains. you don't improve in a linear fashion forever or you would end up dead very very young.
You should always be working out hard and pushing yourself to get the most out of every workout
you dont just ease up on your workouts or not continue to push and go hard just because you are off cycle.. you should always be training hard and trying to get the most out of what you are doing
I would recommend that you continue work out as hard as you can whether you are on or off of cycle
Genetic potential is more of a thing describing you as a natty hitting a wall. Once you are enhanced, you can go beyond your genetic potential. This has nothing to do with PCT. You need PCT to create a soft landing as your body recovers natural testosterone production.
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