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Can the detection times of steroids change depending on the length of the cycle. For example, we know running Deca, most run it anywhere from 10-14 weeks, the detection time can be as high as 18 months. If you ran Deca, let's say at 6-8 weeks, would the detection time be less than 18 months? I'm just using Deca as an example.

You can use any steroid as an example. Test Cyp has a three month detection time. If you have two people and person "A" runs 400mg of test for 12-14 weeks, and person "B" runs 400mg of test for 6 weeks, would the detection time for person "B" be less than the standard three month detection time?

I could be wrong, but I'm assuming the less you use and the length of time of your cycle would change the detection times.

Thanks for any input.
the longer the use it, the longer it stays in your system brother... of course if someone runs a 12 week cycle it will be in the system longer.. if a person stops after 8 weeks then of course, they would have ran it less time so it would take less time to be out of their system...

the detection duration itself wont change if thats what you mean... if you ran an 8 week cycle, it would be detectable up to 18 months after you stop just as it would if you ran it 12-14 weeks.. obviously it would be out of your system sooner if you only ran it 8 weeks... 8 weeks plus 18 months is less than 12 weeks plus 18 months...
Metabolites remain in your system for the duration of the detection time regardless of cycle length
if you run it 4 weeks less then the detection time will be 4 weeks less. so start counting from the time you finish the cycle. up to 18 months is possible. Shawn Merriman got busted for deca and he hadn't used it in a year
there are detection estimates online, make sure you are using real gear though. domestic supply is who i trust
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