Dbol but estrogen prone


Hey guys I got dbol a few cycles back but never used it due to not feeling I needed it . So I feel I am estrogen prone based off of my pervious cycles experience . My estrogen for the most part has always been in check on cycle when I do blood work . In pct I had a light rebound I feel due to shit aromasin. I was thinking of doing a light dose of dbol on my next cycle . I for the most part have to always run my ais higher then the average range that's why I say I'm more estrogen prone . Do you think it be ok to try dbol at that dose ? If not was going to swap it with tbol . Cycle lay out

Sustanon 250 1-8 500 week
Dbol kick start 1-4 20mg ed
Test e 8-16 500 week
Deca 1-16 500
Proviron ed 1-16

Aromasin dosed at 25 eod
Caber - eod
Milk thistle
Apple cider vinegar

Stats 34 5ft 7 ,206 lbs bf12%
Years training 8 consistently 6days a week
Previous cycles 2 test and test deca

Let me know if dbol is still a option for me in this layout

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you can , yes but noone can tell you how you will react... i know that im estrogen prone as it is... if i run test too high, boom, so i know dbol is out of the question for me... that's me though.. i generally dont think its wise for someone very estrogen prone to use something like dbol but thats up to you and what you feel like risking with it... you just need to stay on top of your estrogen levels and adjust your aromasin dose accordingly.. my vote would be no but you do what you want, just be careful... you could easily run tbol with rad and lgd and get the same type of gains without the estrogen... keep that in mind