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Hi Dylan,im ,22 yrs old,and i used Tren,anadrol and Test E in the past,and got very good results.
But i also experienced ED for like 6months.

Im about to run
TRI-Tren 200mg with Test cypiomax 100mg and very small amount of dbol with clen along for maybe one month.
What are the precautions i need to take?
When should i take Adex,dostinex etc? Cause i really want to avoid Erectile dysfunctional and mild gyno,hairloss etc


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You're not going to be told anything you want to hear; only that you shouldn't be using any AAS @ 22 years old.

What was your EXACT 1st cycle?

When was it?

What was your OCT and PCT?

Your proposed new "cycle" makes no mention of doses, lengths......stop this immediately.


WAY TO YOUNG TO USE AAS!!!!... STOP Before you do long turn damage that you will regret ...


Bro I've got 10 plus years on you and I have never have had to use tri-tren. Like what's your point here? Your choice of substance choice shows right away that you're misguided. You have not mentioned once about your routine how your plan on reaching your goals. At 22 all I needed was bread and water and I was fit as hell.

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you have lost your mind... even the biggest douchbags out there would not advise you to to do this, so that should tell you something... you are way too young to start and the fact you have already ran tren??? wow... you are on a huge path of destruction that i am certainly not contributing to.. if you are intent on ruining your life, by all means, thats on you but i will have nothing to do with that


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What a trainwreck.....22 years old and already ran Tren and Anadrol.

You shouldn't be using any kind of steroid at your age bud


So just beacuse zyzz took it you are going to take it? Bro your not going to look like zyzz with steroids if that's what you think.. dont be a retard and do some research.. matter fact zyzz physique can be obtained with out it..

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I would advise to listen to everyone here. Your going to harm yourself. You got many years of growing ahead without the need of AAS. "The rest of your life is a long time" (hopefully ) be smart, listen up.

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Fuck you faggot

This is not gunna fly here. The very 1st thing that we demand here is "RESPECT" of one another. And that is something you may have to learn the hard way. No decent board will put up with this crap. There are plenty of other boards that welcome this kind of trash talk, and you are very welcome to join those.
Be respectful, and you will learn grasshopper......
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