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So, I am interested in finding a long term exclusively cutting stack. Something to combine with cardarine with a very similar profile of being healing, and not a stimulant. I am 5'8 female and 146lbs. My goal is to maintain 128-132lbs flex range. I tried enhanced athlete cardarine capsules and wasnt thrilled. It preserved muscle, but did zero fat loss. I actually gained fat on it and haven't gotten it off. I was 136lbs prior. I would say it was exclusively muscle, but theres notable pinchable fat. I also can't fit into a single pair of my jeans. I normally lose weight easily. Since then, and using magnesium I cant seem to get it to budge despite a 100% whole food 1000-1200cal clean anti inflammatory diet.

So, I want a cutting stack that will cut but not gain muscle. I actually want to very slightly muscle waste just to thin out a bit to a lean runners build. *gasp i said the w word lol* i just was always a touch thick for my taste. I want things I can do long cycles, and wont wear my adrenals out or thyroid ect..

Side note: Anyone really knowledgeable about water retention, gaining weight on t3 or water retention/weight gain on lower body while very thin on top please pm me. :)
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