Crystallised Nolva


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Hi All,

Has anyone experienced Nolva crystallising?

I?ve got a bottle which was stored in a dark cupboard indoors in a moderate weather city for about a year with my other SARMs (unopened).

It was also stored next to a small amount of clomid left over from a PCT. The clomid has not crystallised.

Ive had S4 and GW crystallise a bit during postage in USA winter to my international destination. I?ve worked around this by placing the bottle in hot water before using (as researched on here).
However while in storage the Nolva has crystallised to quite an amazing extent. 2/3rds of the dropper is solid and 1/3rd up the bottle walls, there is a small amount of liquid in the bottle, a bit less than a 1/4.
As mentioned the bottle was sealed and stored safely.
My initial thought is to just chuck it out and purchase some more clomid.
Given the low amount of liquid remaining I don?t like the idea of heating it as the dosage / dropper ratio is likely to be off.

Always good to ask and share.
I?ve tried to add pics but having issues, if anyone?s interested I?ll edit my post with them via my PC.

The products were purchased from reputable sources listed on this forum.
I've had this happen before. If you don't shake the solution on a regular basis it can solidify.
Thanks Dylan & cbbram appreciate your advise.

Yea I thought it wise to just bin the Nolva.

Im sure others will encounter this.
I kept my bottles in storage for longer than intended as gyms were closed for 6months because of this ridiculous virus.

I?ve also had some GW solidify to a far lesser extent perhaps 10% compared to the Nolva. It dissolves partially when warmed.
What are your thoughts on this?

The S4 that has crystallised totally dissolves when warmed. My understanding is that is quite common compared to the other sarms/serms.
An interesting note is that my MK286, Rad140 and a small amount left over clomid did not solidify at all.

if it wasnt over a year id feel a lot better about it man... thats just me, you do what you want with it but over 50-60 dollars we are talking about pct here... i wouldnt think twice about getting a new one but thats just me
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