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I see many people curious to see cycle logs from fellow members so I thought I'd share my progress with you guys.
Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Rick and Dylan for helping me out with the correct dosing amounts and what compounds to use to reach the goal i'm aiming to achieve.
187cm ( 6'1 1/2)
94.5kg (208.4lbs)
Age- 23
Mesomorph body type
Pre Sarms, Training period: 1 year 9 months

I purchased my Sarms in liquid form from a verified local retailer. I believe they have changed their product line to pill and capsule form now due to the new legislation changes.
I had gotten all the necessary blood work done prior to starting. All my levels were within a healthy range. I haven't been keeping an exact day to day report but I can provide a weekly diary of how it has all been going.

Maintenance: 3100-3250 calories - Gym/Sport: 300-400, plus surplus of 500-1000 calories a day
Training 4-5 sessions per week.
Split workout of;
-Back, Biceps
-Chest, Triceps
-Shoulders, Traps
Cycle Layout;
Week 1-12: Rad140 (Testolone) 15mg/ml x 1 day in morning 20ml bottle
Week 1-12: Lgd-4033 (Ligandrol) 10mg/ml x 1 day in morning 20ml bottle
Week 1-12: Mk-677 (Nutrobal) 25mg/ml x 1 day in morning 30ml bottle
Week 1-12: Gw-501516 (Cardarine) 20mg/ml x 1 day in morning 30ml bottle
Week 13-16: PCT Recovery (Androsta-3, 5-Deiene-7, 17-Dione) 30mg/ml 30ml bottle

Week 1: I used the dropper and followed it with water after each compound. It did taste pretty bad but I got used to it after about the third day. I had to make sure it was squirted on my tongue and not the back of my throat as it can irritate it with like a tingle/burn sensation .. nothing bad but you can notice it. Had some pretty annoying dehydration start up for the first half of the week which was accompanied by light and continuous head aches. I increased my usual water amount that I consume to about 1 1/2 times of what I had been having. These side effects went away roughly four to five days in.
Did feel more alert and a greater sense to be productive. Im guessing this was a bit of both my mindset and also the Cardarine. Noticed endurance benefits from about the third day! Increase in appetite slightly. Roughly at a 500 calorie surplus a day.

Week 2: Just over one week in I started getting water retention and feeling bloated, I think this was linked to my sodium intake which I looked up about and I now monitor. The bloating only lasted two days. Some light joint aches in my legs but nothing that effected my lifting or sport. My appetite increased even more to where I could now comfortably eat a surplus of 500 calories a day. Checked the scales in the morning after toilet and empty stomach. Went up 1.6kg to 96.1kg total (211.9lbs)

Week 3: Some lethargy with myself. No side effects. Hadn't noticed anything overall except I wake up hungry as fuck now. Feel my joints have started to increase in density. I have noticed I have to keep on top of my hydration throughout the day more then normal. Had dry lips for about a week and a half. Kept a jug of water beside me when I went to sleep. Tweaked my knee trying to max weight dead lifting. Nothing serious but made sure I watched out for it. Had been getting bad feet and calf pain trying to play basketball and wasn't sure why. Had to stop playing a few minutes in because of the tightness. Found out with all the rapid weight gain I have lost my range of motion on my ankle and have had to work on my dorsiflexion (ankle flexibility)
(Can't remember exact date but between these two weeks I weighed myself in at 98.4kg, 217lbs. Had really bad hand and wrist tightness and cramps for the whole gym session, it felt as if my hand had turned to rock... Was an uncomfortable experience but luckily haven't had it happen again.

Week 4: Endurance keeps increasing slightly but noticeably. I have now started to demolish food with ease. I'm talking eat a whole meal and my stomach is telling me to smash another 1000 calorie meal 2 hours later hehe. Started pushing my surplus between 500-1000, whatever I felt that I could eat without forcing myself. Side effect of stomach pain on my left side which came and went but I had also gotten sick with a cold this week. I noticed my allergy to my cats and pollen etc was heightened.. Lasted about 5-6 days.

Week 5: I have been feeling that i get dehydrated pretty easily now (from this week) and I have woke up with like a soreish/dry throat.. But not dehydrated where my head feels weird. I think it just may be a lingering part of being sick last week. I have literally done fuck all cardio and haven't ran for two weeks. Have been streching solidly for the last five days and now can run without tight muscles. My aerobic and anaerobic endurance has increased dramatically to the point where I have gained all this weight and have done minimal cardio and I feel fitter when I was running around at 90kg body weight!! My scales had been broken for about the past week and a bit so was eager to get a new one. Weighed in at 100.2kg (221lbs). I believe I am starting to feel the other compounds work their magic now. Feeling stronger in the gym and have noticed strength gains in all exercises. Back to talking about bone density.. My wrist/forearm and ankles have started to increase to which funnily enough my basketball shoes don't fit my feet anymore?? Light knee aching for the last three nights i've slept but thats about it for side effects.

Tomorrow will be day seven of my fifth week.

I know I haven't included any lifting results in this log as of yet.

Pre Sarms Maxes-
Bench: 120kg x1rep
Deadlift: 160kg x 2rep
Leg Press: 360kg x 10rep
Squat: 90kg x 8rep (Only started squatting 2 months ago, I had trained legs since day 1 but just never got into squatting since i had bad shoulder and hip mobility, which I have corrected over the last few months)

5 week interlude maxes-
Bench: 130kg x 1rep (start of week 5)
Deadlift 170kg x 3rep could have done another 1 I reckon but thats when my knee had a slight hitch (end of week 3)
Leg Press: Havent done leg press. Have been doing front squats, squats, lunges as of lately followed by machined exercises
Squat: 110kg x 10rep (middle of week 4)

Weight increase from 94.5kg - 100.2kg ( 208.4lbs - 221lbs) 5.7kg, 12.6lb increase


Would like to finish off this introduction post by saying anyone who doubts orhas anything negative to say about Sarms clearly has a poor understanding or has no idea whatsoever with how to use them. I did about a two months worth of research before I decided to try them out and could not be more pleased with my current progress. Keen to see how the full twelve weeks goes!!
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looks like a good cycle except I proberly would of increased RAD to 20mg daily and remember 677 should be ran a min 6 months to get the benefits from it . Also that PCT I wouldn't recommend. Clomid 50/25/25/25 and GW 20mg daily. LGD put some good size on me , RAD is fantastic for lean gains and strength. I feel like a beast on it.
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