Cruise or PCT?


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Hey Dylan,

First, I want to thank you for the awesome content you put out on your YouTube channel. It really helps to have a clear, reliable source of information amidst the internet static and bro-science.

My question is this:

I'm just now getting into my 13th week of a 14wk Test Cyp / Deca cycle. I ran the Test Cyp @ 600mg (300mg x2 / wk) and the Deca @ 500mg (250mg x2 / wk). Pinning on Mondays & Thursdays and running Arimidex from AR-R @ .5mg EOD

My final Deca pin was last Thursday, the next two weeks (13 & 14) will just be 600mg Test

I have been please with the gains in size and strength. I've avoided nearly all sides with the exception of acne on my chest, shoulders, and back. I'm an absolute oil machine when I lift, but the acne didn't show up until week 9 or 10. I've taken every step I can to mitigate the issue, and since seeing a dermatologist, the problem is starting to subside with the help of some steroidal cream.

My hope was finish this cycle, take my last 600mg Test pin, and cruise for 6wks on 200mgs of Test before running another cycle with a different compound. I've been considering Test/Tren/Mast, but your videos have me leaning towards Test/Primo.

In either case, I'd like to resolve my acne issue first, lest my back be so unsightly that the gains hardly matter on the beach....I'm sure you understand.

Would you recommend that I PCT and stay "off" for a while in order to help resolve my acne issue? Or will cruising on lower Test without the Deca likely be enough to clear it up?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this, whether to PCT or cruise prior to my next cycle, and exactly how you would do it.

Thanks for your time.


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How old are you? You understand that the longer you continue to run test and other compounds the longer you keep your body shut down and you may end up staying on for life? Its best to come off and give your body a break. 200mgs is high for a cruise dose as well. You will just prolong the stress put on your body. It can become a recipe for disaster. Good luck whatever you decide. Either way make sure you get blood work to ensure every thing is good as far as your blood work goes.