Classic deca dbol but…


Hi everyone I was thinking… you know the classic deca, dbol cycles well can you replace the deca with npp? Should I still use dbol as a kickstart or is it not necessary? Or is it better keeping it with deca and dbol
You can replace deca with NPP. Sure… No need to use a kickstarter. Just run the oral whenever you want in the cycle.

I’m assuming you have proper AAS knowledge and know how to dose and use these compounds and the effects of nandrolones… correct?
of course you can... npp IS deca, just the shorter ester.. i would go with test prop, npp and dbol in that regard so you keep both compounds with a shorter ester... so i would go 8-10 weeks with test and npp and then dbol the first four weeks...
Thanks guys I appreciate it a lot and yes I’m all good with dosages and how to run my whole cycle and pct I was just wondering about that
i've never understood stacking dbol with testosterone unless you want to bloat up

makes more sense to use anavar
Tren is better to cut with then bulking in my opinion. It is great but I’d prefer nandrolone for a nice bulk
I like NPP due to fast ester. IF you get a nasty side you can get it out of you fast. npp test dbal great cycle
NPP is hands down my favorite compound and really all I use now other then Test on my cycles. Recommend over the Deca forsure. I usually run it 8-10 weeks during my 12-16 weeks cycles.
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