I would like to share with you an email with some attached pictures I just received.

Castle started being a customer of us few months ago. After few orders with us he offered me to translate everything I would like to post in a French forum where we are sponsors also. As my French is quite basic I accepted as I think to have a fluid communication is very important in order to get to now your customers.

Anyway, he didn't ask to be paid with money but with products as he needed to prepare an important (actually, two) contests. The first one will be in the weekend and the second one will be in November. I promised him I will go to see him in France in November. And, believe me, I´ll go.

Today he just sent me an email including two pictures of him.

I would like to share with you the screenshot and the pictures he sent.

I´m very proud of people like him, people that have a challenge and don´t give up until they reach it.

I´m sure you all can do it :)

PS.- I´ll be sending him a link to this thread. I´m sure he will love to read your impressions about his pictures :)


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Norma test or all stoa?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk

Hi again

Since April he ordered those products (I dont include the amount of each one):

Testosterone Enanthate Norma
Turanostoa 10
Pregnyl 5000
Pregnyl 1500
Equistoa 200
Sustoa 250
Trenastoa A100
Testoa C250
Stanasto 25

A quick update :)

Castle just wrote me an email saying that:

"Thanks for the link and your support.

for this preparation, I've use:
- tura
- sustoa
- primo
- testo norma
- clen/t3

the rest in for next contests ;-) "

So here you have what he had used to be in such a great shape!
I really love arriving to the office, open my computer and see emails like this one:

"Hi my XXXX how are you?
Yesterday I finish first and second im my categories, great work with yours products ! ! ! ! ...and I'm qualified for Mr Univers ! ! ! ! ! So a huge thanks to you ;-)

new great order in preparation ;-)

Envoyé depuis mon appareil Samsung "

It really made my day!

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