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What's going on everybody!!! I'm new to this whole form thing. I'm always on it reading stuff and I love everyone's positivity and support so I figured I'd start posting to get some advice and support as well.

Well first off my name is andre. And I'm planning on ordering some gear form pharmalady because I've heard nothing but great amazing things/responses. I'm planning on doing a great stack this time and can't wait to get it! I'm going to start with test cyp, tren, dbol, mast, anavar, and maybe some other orals but I would love to hear some thoughts and opinions!!! Thanks guys!
Welcome brother and thanks for considering Pharma Lady... Tell us your stats and cycle experience so we can give you advice.

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I'm male
I'm 23.
Bf % around 12
Lift 6 days a week
And I've been cycling for 3 years now.
On and off. I always pct and stay off for as long as my cycle lasts.
I've experimented with a lot of stuff. Only a couple orals tho that's why I'm stocked for this because I want a place that has good quality orals that I won't be wasting my money on.
First, welcome to the forums bro were glad to have you here and asking questions. Second,if you are going to use AAS you should run a test cycle only so you can get used to testosterone being that it should always be a primary compound that you incorporate to all and any of your future cycles. 10-12 weeks test c @ 250-400mg a week should be your first cycle, then if that works for you your next cycle would be something along the lines of test + possibly an oral AAS or even sarms . AS far as the tren and dbol, i would advise you not to even consider such harsh compounds being that you have little to no experience as of now and could become an issue. Takes things 1 step at a time, you already made the wise decision of joining us and asking questions first, so your on the right track. Remember this is not a race and you always have time to learn before making mistakes that can jeopardize your health. Do you know what OCT and PCT is and what will you be utilizing for these ?
First off thanks for your quick response and your opinions and suggestions it's much appreciated. And I know I said I've only been cycling for three years but I'm not a complete rookie yet I'm not a veteran by any means but I think I have some what of an idea of what I'm doing. I know that a testosterone base is a must my first cycle was just straight testosterone for 12 weeks and that did just fine. I've done tren before also with Test as a base and it produced great results. I haven't messed with any song I haven't messed with any Sarms. Personally I don't know much about them. But as for the rest of the stuff I'm currently on my PCT right now taking hCG for the first 10 days to get my testes back in order then I'll be taking nolvadex and Clomid. The cycle that I was just on consisted of test C, Dbol, deca, and arimidex. Got great results from this but I'm looking for a little more strength now and to cut up a little bit.
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