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Hi all!
I´ve just started my LGD RAD combo cycle, but still wondering how to set up calories intake... I would like to recomp or at least gain as few fat as possible, since my BF is around 15-17% at the moment. My maintenance is around 2900kcal. How many kcal would you suggest to eat / day? And does sarms work in recomping diet as well, i´ve done few cycles but always bulking, thats why I dont know how to make the setup... My macros used to be 220P, 85-100F, and the rest of the calories from Carbs.
Thank you in advance for your replies!
recomp is all about trial and error.. there is no right answer.. i generally recommending starting about 150-200 calories below maintenance but this all ties in to how you are training as well.. theres a lot to try with it and its very difficult which is why many shy away from it.. you are going to just have to do trial and error until you get it dialed in... my clients that i coach go through a pretty rigorous process when we recomp and i have to monitor a lot of what they are doing etc...
instead of worrying about a meaningless # of calories. focus on meal timing and quality of calories instead

although cals in/out is true, it is misunderstood. if you up your calories you also will burn more calories and vice versa all things being equal. the worst thing i see people doing is counting macros and calories, then at 11pm being 250 calories low, and then eating a donut or slice of pizza. how is this smart? that is why weight watchers and counting shit is stupid.

remember that 500 calories hcg diet that got so popular? what happened to all those people who did it? they are FATTER today then they were before. why? cause when you crash calories you lose weight initially, but then your body also burns less calories too!! its called SURVIVAL. so they ended up gaining it all back when they started eating normally gain and more. yes they end up worse then before! same goes for the skinny dude who eats lots of pizza and pop tarts. they gain a lot of trash weight initially, then end up more skinny and with lifelong gut problems.
Recomposition is very tricky and as pointed out above, there is no set answer, which we know with anabolics and ped's, is pretty standard as it is. You are going to have to play around with things diet related but your training will have to accommodate this too. Do not just assume it is all diet. You should be hypertrophy training and you should be implementing cardiovascular training consistently as well
The guys have you covered pretty in depth on this so I would defer to them. Just understand that recomposition is the most difficult type of cycle style to run. It can be done and is often but it takes a lot of time and effort to get it dialed in on what works for you and there are many factors involved in that as well
You just have to play with it as you go. An actual recomp is pretty difficult to accomplish. I am similar to Steve in that I do not count calories or macros or anything. Just eat the right types of food when you are hungry.
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This is one of my main areas of study over these years which is the great mystery of diets. So many different diets, options, ideas, beliefs that go on out there. In reality, it is the most subjective ideology out there. You are going to have to really pay close attention and detail to get the most out of this. It is a constant and continuous learning experience and i would strongly recommend getting an app like Myfintesspal or something similar to track things very closely while you do this
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