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We have yet another source available so be sure to connect with me for an update price list. Pm me here or use the Wickr app for even faster responses.

Viagra gummies....for real...
We now have more quality products than ever with fast domestic shipping to boot.

Whatever you may have been waiting for in the past let this pandemic be a wake up call to no longer delay anything.

Design that Primo cycle you always dreamed of, connect with me to get your gear, and start training to achieve the physique you have always wanted. Watch Dylan videos and put together the cutting stack of your dreams. We've got everything you need including cycle supports and PCT.

You can contact any of the 1 - Stop Domestic Shop reps for cycle ideas and training advice. I enjoy hearing from guys and love to follow along with cycles.

The world needs us to be the best we can be now and moving forward.

Let's do it...

We are all in this together
I am connecting with Bros I had not seen in a while. Always a pleasure to hear your continued efforts to take on new challenges and achieve goals.

It's been a couple years now that I have had the pleasure of repping for some of the best sources going and this year is no different. We now have 3 sources to choose from and you can cover everything you need for your cycle, injectables, orals, cycle supports, pct, and more with fast domestic shipping and the usual Buddha customer service.

Pm me here or connect with me on Wickr app.

Now is the time...
Time to get your orders in for the finishing touches on your Summer physique. Hopefully we will be able to go out in public and flex again by then.

"If you had just one chance, would you take it?"
This is a great time to get your Spring cycle gear and re focus on your physique goals. Pm me here for a new price list or connect with me on the Wickr app.

We are open for business as usual with even more product selection.

Let's do this...
I am having some of the best training sessions of my life right now and they are all non-gym, body weight, inanimate objects that I can pick up, kind of things.

Contact me here or on the Wickr app to get your cycle together and start training so that you will think back on this time as the point that you took command of your life and broke through.

We are all about to receive a check in the mail and I love the idea of the government buying me the gear for my next cycle.

Life is from this moment on....
Here are a couple of steps you can take to get your Summer physique in order.

1. Contact me to work out your training and cycle plans for the next 3 months.

2. Get your training in order, focusing on form with light weights in order to get the most out of progressive overload.

3. Cash your government check to obtain the cycle you planned.

Following these steps will give you the focus you need to get started right now so by the time the gear arrives you are already on your way.

PM me here or use the Wickr app for even faster responses.

Let's do this...
That's right Bros, we are up and running.

Not only business as usual but even more sources and wider selection.

Oils, orals, On cycle supports, PCT, toilet paper (not really, nobody has that), cialis/viagra so you have something to do during quarantine.

Contact me here or use the Wickr Me app for even faster responses....

Let's go...
We are open for business as usual Bros, with even more sources and wider selection of everything you need.

Oils, orals, on cycle supports, PCT, toilet paper (not really, no one has that), cialis/viagra to give you something to do while quarantined.

Get your orders in now!

pm me here, or connect with me on Wickr me for even faster responses.

Let's do this...
I appreciate the opportunity to interact with Bros on here. Just knowing we are all in this together raises my spirits.

Sending everyone positive energy for the day...

I appreciate the opportunity to interact with Bros on here. Just knowing we are all in this together raises my spirits.

Sending everyone positive energy for the day...

Thanks bro happy to be on the 1-Stop Domestic Shop team with you. Sending positive energy back to you.
Thank you so much cbbram. Feeling the positive vibes for sure.

It's nice to see Bros posting on the board and contacting me through pm's and Wickr me app. Our community is stronger than ever (in more ways than one).

But I still get asked sometimes by Bros regarding how it is that I seem to be walking this philosophical/spiritual trip while at the same time being involved with AAS.

I consider Buddhist practice, or any spiritual practice for that matter, bodybuilding for our lives. By keeping a solid meditation practice and taking sincere action I can remain mindful of making the right causes to move my life in a positive direction and reach my goals.

And this is where the responsible use of gear comes in. I want to be a good example of a human being, live my life to the fullest, and stay healthy for myself and my loved ones. The sources I rep for have the best quality gear so you aways know what your getting and that the dosages are going to be accurate.

I tend to be the mod with philosophical insights regarding the development of goals and ways to challenge yourself to reach them. But we have no shortage in individuals who have the science end of things completely worked out. Dylan, Stevemi, RickRock, Cbbram, the last goes on.

Let's go Bros. This is our chance to transform ourselves in order to bring hope to the world.

We are on this journey together...
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The Buddha tends to have very little interest in politics, but I would like to take this one opportunity to thank the egomaniacs that tend to hold power in this country for sending me this fat stimulus check. I'm sure they will be happy to know that the arrival of this check coincides with us getting the generic HGH back in stock. Ar 100iu's for $290.00 this generous gift will have me on my 3iu a day protocol for 8 months.

Come on Bros. Pm me for a new price list, cash those checks, and start training like never before.

This is it...
Just wanna thank budda for the quick turnaround and quality of the gear. Getting the hgh next order ill keep you posted !
Yea essejay, definitely enjoyed our positive interactions and look forward to your cycle reports.

"Don't call it a come back, I've been here for years."

I've been here with my lifting Bros, year after year, cycle after cycle. Always dependendable for a connect to quality gear.

PM me here of get the Wickr me app for even faster responses.

The time is now...
This is it guys. Time to refocus your training and diet to completely transform your physique and life.

Connect with me on the Wickr me app for all things workout and cycle design. And don't forget to grab a new price list with even more sources and awesome gear choices.

Let's go....
Brand new price list available. Generic HGH back in stock at $290.00 for 100iu's, and this stuff if Buddha approved to put it mildly, and let's not forget the gummy viagras, faster onset and all.

1 - Stop Domestic Shop is just what it says.

Keep the orders coming...
Im out in Hawaii.....i finally caved and got my hands on some way overpriced weight sets. Now i can finally decide what cycle ro run. Thnx Buddah!
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