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It has come to our attention, a lot of our clients are getting messages from an outside lab pretending to be us. If you are getting these messages, ignore them. If you are placing orders with this impersonation lab, you could be scammed or sent counterfeit products.

  • We do not operate under any other name besides 1-Stop Domestic shop.

  • We do not operate on any messaging platforms besides Wickr, Wire, and Protonmail.

  • If you are speaking to someone on a platform called “WhatsApp” with the name “Pinnacle Labs” - THAT IS NOT US.

These scammers are impersonating our price list by putting one of our Rep’s name on their price list and replicating our exact products and price list .

My only reps are the following:

  • RickRock:
  • Wire: @RickRock
  • Wickr: @RickRock13

If you’re talking to “us” on another platform besides the ones listed above, it is not us. We have reason to believe it was a prior lab that scam quit, and is no longer approved on this board. If you have concerns that you have been speaking to the wrong person, please private message me.

1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
Add me on the Wire Messenger App: tazzog
Email: [email protected]
Wickr Me - tazzog (Existing clients only)
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Thanks for posting this. I lost $400 two days ago from the impersonators. They were convincing. The entire price list was an exact copy.
I know it's wasn't you guys now. I still trust your team 100%
Make sure you use the contact info above for us. Its the only form of communication we use. We take a lot of pride in our reputation and the reputation of our products. We have built a great relationship with many of you out there so we want to make sure you are all protected
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