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I’ve been buying from Tazz for a few months now and it’s been the most painless, smooth process imaginable. Everything comes fast, never any issues, and the gear is the best I have found yet. I’ve used many sources for superdrol for example but none hit like 1SDS. Everything these guys have is legit and high quality.

And for those that may try to say this is a fake review please see the progress pic below lol. This was done on 1SDS test, superdrol and winstrol. Also their cialis is is some good shit too your dick and gf will thank you.

A solid shout out and thanks to what is probably one of the best teams in the country. Thank you for the awesome product that we can trust our gains in!
Looking Jacked Bro!
I also run 1sds gear, switched to @Tazz & THE TEAM from another source & have been a happy m'fker
Fastest shipping and best service ever. I placed an order and it was here 3 days later. Can’t wait to try out the dbol!
I placed an order with Tazz for Test Cyp and it was very easy and convenient. The communication was quick and very friendly. Top notch service! Looking forward to a continued business relationship!!!
Touchdown on my order. Multiple transactions with Tazz and every one of them was smooth and fast. Great results so far with cycles and his advice has been solid.
Highly recommend Tazz and the company.
Tazz took care of me when something arose in our order! Outstanding service, the delivery of the gear was quick as well. I ordered test cyp and it definitely is legit. Going to order more soon.
As always extremely fast service and product you can rely on, with the Best testosterone in the US! Been running 600mgs a week of thier test cyp and the results have been amazing! About to start running thier proviron now.
Yet another touchdown from Tazz. Pack came in 2 days. As always thanks for being trustworthy and reliable.


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