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I know many Bros have been following my cycle threads and other posts for the past 7 years and during this time I have always made as effort to guide my fellow travelers on a path of limitless self development while keeping health and longevity in full focus. These efforts have included directing Bros to the best possible sources for top notch gear and customer service. I have been repping for Robolics for over a year and hope to reconnect with him, but in the meantime I have accepted a new opportunity to stay active on the board in the interim. With that said I am honored to announce I am the newest team member of US Domestic. As always, pm me here or for faster response times find me on Wickr under buddhabuilder... what else? Watch for my Spring thread coming up at the end of January. You know this is going to be the best one yet...
Glad to have you Buddha. I've watched you handle your business with class and professionalism for a few years now and have always respected the way you handle things. We will be lucky to have you on board. Welcome.
Welcome to the team brother. Couldn't be happier to have you. One of the best around for a long time
As we all know, when Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi tree in India 2500 years ago there was not internet or cell phone which begs the question, "How did they get their emails?"

Luckily Buddhabuilder is technologically savvy so you can get the wickr app on your phone and message me directly for all you domestic gear needs.

Sweet congrats! I typed in your name on wickr but it didn’t find a match. Man I hope everything is ok with Robo
US Domestic is your one stop shop for all things cycle related.








Contact me on the Wickr app under buddhabuilder for price list and ordering information.

Let's do this...
You can pm for price list or go straight to Wickr app for faster communication...

It’s time to take that physique to a whole new level...
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