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Thanx for stopping in 1 - Stop...

Let's go all in on the philosophy front today and work with the term "Honin Myo" which roughly translates to "from this day forward".

Your ideal physique is achievable, and the path is concrete action, diet, meditation (I am the Buddha), and the responsible use of AAS.

Whatever set backs or negative beliefs you may have developed in the past are like a dream in a dream when you reflect back.

Success is from this moment on...

Connect with me on Wickr app for price list and ordering information for best gear going...
Get your orders in now Bros . When it says 1 - Stop Domestic Shop it means;








Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (Dick Pills)

No shipping costs

No customs issues because it's all shipped domestically.

Pm me here for a price list or for even faster response find me on the Wickr app where I am also Buddhabuilder.

Let's do this...
Welcome back to all my bros planning their spring training routines and cycles. As always, pm me here or connect with me on Wickr app for top quality domestic gear price list and order information...
Spring is in the air and soon we can all start wearing tight t-shirts and flexing all the muscles we worked all winter to build. But, of course, that final cutting period, exercise routines, dialed in nutrition intake, and a responsible cycle of gear, to put the finishing touches on physique as art form.

Pm me here for all your AAS and support needs, or connect with me on Wickr for even faster response.

Just the beginning...
I never get tired of seeing someone post, "Listen to the Buddha.", or something similar on these threads, but just a quick ego check...

I only have the opportunity to manifest my Buddha nature through sincere meditation practice, study (this includes philosophy, work related stuff, as well as all things physique enhancing), and concrete action. As it is written, "To not advance is to retreat.", and I find joy in the struggle.

Keep your enquires coming. The Wickr app is great as responses can be even faster so the time between designing your cycle nd having your gear in hand is a matter of days.

We are on this journey together...
If anyone has trouble finding me on Wickr once they have the send me your Wickr name here and I?ll make sure we connect...
I've been combing over BPak videos to design new high rep routines to enhance my cut. This combined with strict diet keeps me in a the zone that many of you know I encourage Bros I interact with to maintain. With focus on consistently challenging ourselves in these ways, the responsible use of AAS can help us take things to a whole new level.

I have consistently repped for top quality sources so Bros won't be distracted with thoughts about the quality of the gear. This leaves you free to focus on your physique goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

Every gym session, set, rep, and meal moving us towards achieving the physique of our dreams.

Legs today...
Happy Monday Bros.

It?s a great day to get an updated price list so you can put the finishing touches on your Spring cycle. That way you can pay for the gear at the end of the week and take the whole thing to the next level.

Pm me here or use the Wickr app for even faster interactions...

If you had just one chance, would you take it?
order and list

was hoping you could send me a current list, need to reorder asap. Thanks bro! And cant figure out how to pm for the life of me.

I know many Bros have been following my cycle threads and other posts for the past 7 years and during this time I have always made as effort to guide my fellow travelers on a path of limitless self development while keeping health and longevity in full focus. These efforts have included directing Bros to the best possible sources for top notch gear and customer service. I have been repping for Robolics for over a year and hope to reconnect with him, but in the meantime I have accepted a new opportunity to stay active on the board in the interim. With that said I am honored to announce I am the newest team member of US Domestic. As always, pm me here or for faster response times find me on Wickr under buddhabuilder... what else? Watch for my Spring thread coming up at the end of January. You know this is going to be the best one yet...
Thank you Buddah for helping me with my order, it was quick and easy and a fast process

Glad to be on this journey with you. Keep us posted regarding your cycle...

Connect with me here or the Wickr app for price list and order information...
It's an exciting time to be active in the iSARMS community, and welcome back to some of the Bros who reached out to me recently who I hadn't seen in a while.

As always, you can count on the Buddha to guide you through all the physique developing concerns.

Training, diet, and top quality, domestic gear.

Now if I could just get the gym to open a little earlier on Saturdays...
The time change just the latest reminder that Spring is on its way. Pm me here for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list or connect with me on Wickr where I am also buddhabuilder.

Let?s do this...
Yes, I am in the midst of my Spring cycle, but still, there are a lot of really sexy women around right now.

It?s a little distracting....
Yes cbbram, life is a many splendid thing.

As you may have noticed, we seem to be in training for the eventual zombie apocalypse, and of course, the people in the best shape are most likely to survive. Be sure to get your orders in now so you will have that extra edge when you need it.

As always, pm me here or go straight to the Wickr app where I am also buddhabuilder.

Just getting started...
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