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Weight training belts.

You may wonder sometimes, "Where does the Buddha get the idea for these posts?" And the answer is, they just happen. I've been going to gyms consistently for nearly 30 years and have seen quite a bit of stuff in that time.

Belt wearers come in a number of different categories. You have;

The curl monkeys - These are the individuals who show up in the gym wearing a belt and wear it no matter what they are doing. How a belt supports flat bench presses is a mystery to me, and to tell the truth, I've never asked one of them.

The Bros who put on a belt for appropriate exercises, but when the weight is light - In my book this leads to a weak core. I've had a Best brand belt for 6 years and have probably done 200 sets with it in that time. I leave it off until my heaviest Squat or Deal Lift sets, the rest of the time it is my car key holder.

And of course, the guys who wear it as a fashion accessory - Do you really need to wear a weight lifting belt when you go to Walmart? I guess it's one way to make it look like you workout, but I prefer the whole muscular physique approach to this.

Just some random thoughts post work out.

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First post, but have read on here for a very long time, just want to thank buddha on a past order, super easy and excellent product! Definitely will be placing another order soon!
Thanx for stopping in gregster, glad to have you in the circle.

So reflecting on guidance I shared a couple weeks ago I am being mindful to dial back my training. I've not only been training six days a week I have been in the gym most sessions for over an hour. Like I've been saying, I'm just in a groove and worrying that the gyms might close has been giving me that extra push to kill it every session.

You may have noticed I am supporting a thread dealing with training outside the gym, and although my posts are focusing on things I did last time they closed I'm ready for anything.

Feel free to connect with me here or on the Wickr me app for cycle ideas, training tips, you name it. I am glad to be an active member of this community.

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Weekends can present as opportunities to spend a little more time in the gym, and whether that translates to adding a minute between sets or throwing in a few more drop sets than usual it can be a good time.

But since these are the only times I am not in work I'm going to put my 2 days off a week on Saturday and Sunday for now. Spending extra time with my woman and son has its obvious benefits and I really don't want to change up my weekday morning routine of meditation and training first thing.

Take a minute today to start researching your next cycle and reach out with any questions you might have. I've been around for a while and if I don't know the answers to something we can get the other mods in the loop, post the feedback on a thread, and spread the Love.

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Happy Saturday...
This was the first time I took two days off from training in a row for a couple months and I actually felt more muscular soreness then when I was just taking the one day off. I'm guessing I had less endorphins present at the start of my routine with more time since my last work out, but I figure any change leads to growth so I'm not complaining.

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The bodybuilding dilemma...

I love the look of being more defined, but with just a few extra pounds my arms are so much bigger. Given the choice, and we all have it, I'm dialing the cut diet back in. I'm determined to post a new picture up beginning of September so that gives me a clear goal to work towards.

Checking out the other 1 - Stop Domestic Shop reps photos I'm in good company.

Joy in the struggle....
I'm coming up my 7th time through my latest workout design, and since my reps have dropped down to 5-8 it's time to develop something new.

I always bring in a new routine with a rep range of at least 12-15, and even then not to failure. This gives my tendons and joints time to heal as I focus on strict form. After all, progressive overload means nothing if your form deviates. This translates to the fact that, if you start to recruit other muscles to perform an exercise as your weight goes up your target muscle can actually end up doing less weight. This leads secondary injuries and lagging body parts.

Like Rich Piana, the man we all used to love to hate (may he know peace in his next life), used to say, "Leave the ego at the door."

Keep the cycle designs and price list requests coming. We are open for business as usual....
I wanted to post an update on my HGH cycle.

I'm coming up on the end of my 5th month of 3iu's of 1 - Stop Domestic Shop Generic HGH a day along with my TRT dose of 80mg Test E as week and continue to be in the best shape of my life. The common wisdom regarding HGH is that you don't get the full effects for 6 months or more to which I respond, "Better than this?!", we will see what that is like.

I planned on posting an update picture at the beginning of September before doing the math so, along with my end of May shot for comparison, I'll let you decide.

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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to click on this thread and spend a minute reading my posts. With all the things going on in our environments right now that may lead to the belief that the answer to our problems is "out there", bringing our focus back to physique training can be refreshing.

Just like adding weight to an exercise these daily struggles give us the opportunity to become stronger. I started a thread on this site discussing ways to train outside the gym, so please drop in there if your gym is closed at the moment. Knowing we are not alone in these struggles is a natural way to reduce anxiety and depression and stay focused on goals.

1 - Stop Domestic Shop is open for business as usual so hit me up for the latest price list and ask any questions regarding cycles and workout routines.

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There is no better way to let the week know it is going to be your bitch than to do squats on Monday morning.

It takes a particular mindset to hit it just right, but it is a portal through which you can challenge every other body part to its limit.

Basking in the after glow and sharing the joy.

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Sure enough, Chest/Front and Center Deltoid/Tris were all that and more this morning. I recently increase my TRT dose to 120mg a week and plan on getting bloods done the middle of September. Walking the talk as they say...

Just 1 more official month of Summer and bulking season will be moving in. Contact me on the Wickr me app to develop your next cycle and get the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list for all your cycle, support, and PCT needs.

Hopefully we will be able to go out and flex in the spring without worrying about masks and social distancing.

Set clear goals and get moving...
Some days you just grind one out.

Heading for the gym this morning, not expecting anything spectacular, but looking forward to focusing on the session. There is always stuff going on but the gym gives us a place to let that all go and be in the moment. Pull motions today, Back/Rear Deltoid/Traps/Bis with a clear workout design that included a graduation in weights for every exercise over the last time.

Very naturally, I just started to slow every rep down and really squeezing at the point of full contraction, and the pump became more pronounced throughout. I turned to the mirror towards the end of the session just to pull up my t-shirt and flex my abs.

Endorphins mixed with a sense of accomplishment flowing through my whole life...

"And just for a minute, I knew what it was all about..."

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I was so focused in the gym today I forgot about the pandemic.

What's the old saying, "If it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger."

Or the TOOL lyric, "I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive..."

Everything else is details.

Take a break from your daily routine and PM me for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list.

We are open for business as usual...
I couldn't help but notice the pandemic today. The regulars in the gym were looking worried and I heard talk of pending gym closures again.

Don't let anything stop your training Bros. Do it for your health and mental health.

Now is the time to get the gear for your next cycle and strive to reach your goals.

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I'm getting into this rhythm of 2 days off a week.

No major changes in physique (it's been 2 weeks) but maybe a little more recovered from previous sessions. I'm still doing a 3 day split, push/pull/legs, so hitting the whole body 5 times every three weeks.

Focusing on my workout design and writing down determination weights for next session.

Walking the walk...

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Carpe Diem...
Keep the price list requests coming Bros.

It's great to see everyone designing there workout plans and cycles.

Now is the time to determine to break through and win.

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Thanx for stopping by to check my latest post. It would appear you have a lot of company seeing as this thread has been viewed more than 24,000 times!

I kid you not, just check the main forum page.

Sometimes insightful and entertaining, sometimes just business; either way, I enjoy being a member of the community and being a reliable source of information and top quality physique enhancing products.

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We are on this journey together,

all 24,000 of us...
What does the weekend even mean when we have been navigating this crazy situation brought on by a pandemic?

The only way I have known for sure what day is through these times is being aware of what body parts I'm training on that day.

Somebody else: Hey Buddha, what are you doing on Labor Day?
Me: What day of the week is that?
Them: Monday
Me: Legs! Monday is legs day...

Time is fleeting. Get in shape now, avoid the post pandemic rush...

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Checking out BigLexi's physique shot, and you may also notice RickRock posted an updated photo.

With the one's cbbram and I put up over the past month that makes the whole 1 - Stop Domestic Shop crew showing the results of our top quality gear.

In fact, I will be posting an new photo at beginning of September, and I am putting the final touches on it with training and diet as you read this.

There is no denying actual proof.

Contact one of us for the tests 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list and join the club.

What are you waiting for?
Every once in a while I find myself daydreaming about the old Arnold "super setting opposite body parts" approach, and it started happening again this past weekend.

Now it's just a matter of designing the routines based on

Day 1 - Chest/Back
Day 2 - Shoulders with limited triceps involvement
Day 3 - Arms
Day 4 - Legs

Keeping the tris out of shoulders is the only way to ensure they are fresh for arms day, so it is mostly raises with dumb bells and/or cables. Front/Center Deltoids, sometimes giant set Front/Center/Rear, and of course Rear Deltoid/Traps.

Anyway, I hope your training is all of that and more. PM me here for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list, or use my name, buddhabuilder, to find me on the Wickr app.

Never give up...
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