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Thanx for checking in IWGF.

My last post got me thinking about all things good form which seemed to simultaneously bring to mind some of the horrendous styles I have seen in the gym over the course of time. I remember one Bro who did partial reps on Everything. We've all seen it on leg press and maybe squat, but every single exercise; at the most 3/4 of the top of the motion. When I finally bridged the subject with this guy his response was, "I just don't have any strength in the bottom of the motion". My brain screamed, "Because you never go there!", but maintaining my usual cool, mildly enlightened persona I just nodded sincerely before slipping into the bathroom so I could wash my face after laughing so hard I lost my breath.

Keep it real Bros. If you had a short break in the action due to the pandemic it's a great opportunity to strip all your exercises down and bring them up with mindful motion. This will give you a chance to embrace the obstacles we are currently facing as an opportunity for growth you could not have developed in any other way.

Value creation indeed...
I wanted to report in on my own experiences with 1 - Stop Domestic Shop products. It's reports like this that turn intellectual understanding into experiential wisdom that can help members of the community decide what may work best for them.

I'm cruising on Axiom Test E at 80mg a week and will be getting bloods done in the middle of June, so will post that.

But what is having an even bigger impact on my life is that this is the first time I am using HGH (I'm using our generic HGH which sells for $290.00 for 100iu, which is just over a months's supply at 3iu a day). I was always hesitant to buy HGH off sites because it tends to be expensive and there are so many ways it is counterfeited - HCG, other cheaper peptides, etc. But connecting with 1 -Stop Domestic Shop and being a member of a team that includes some of the people I have respected most over the years gave me all the encouragement I needed to bring HGH into my life. In the beginning, first few weeks anyway, I was rolling with the "This is a long term project, so don't expect anything any time soon", mentality, and this is not completely unreasonable. HGH does take time to really shine and I was not going in with demands of instant gratification.

This being said, I can't pinpoint the exact date of noticing a transition, but my libido is the best it has been since I was in my early twenties. And this general feeling of being youthful definitely impacts the rest of my life in positive ways as well. The Buddha is of a certain age and I did hope to see some improvements regarding my skin. Whether it's the HGH doing it's thing or my youthful feeling manifesting in my appearance, at this point it isn't a concern for me in any way, but it is real.

Every product from 1 - Stop Domestic Shop is the best quality you will find anywhere, so if you have been waiting to cross the HGH bridge you know you can order from any one of our sources with confidence.

PM me here or connect with me on Wickr where I am also Buddhabuilder for a price list and order information.

No reason to wait...
So your back in the gym, or training to get ready to, and after nearly 90 days without this outlet for your energy you may start to think, "With that long a break I probably don't have to take a day off training for the next year and a half!"

By all means, bring your full focus to the art/science that is physique development and celebrate every moment of it. But try to bare in mind, growth happens outside the gym. It happens in the kitchen. It happens when your sleeping, when you spend quality time with your friends and loved ones...and on your days off from the gym.

A balanced life. Walking the middle way between absolutely challenging yourself and nurturing your entire life.

The true goal is to stay on the path...
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Ordering Etiquette (I had to check if I spelled that right)

Every Rep for 1 - Stop Domestic Shop wants you to connect with the highest quality gear for the best price, and of course our customer service is next to none. So I wanted to make a quick post regarding ways you can help the ordering experience go as smoothly as possible.

Price Lists - If you connected with a price list 2 months ago it would be a good idea to check if there were any updates since that time. Prices changes and sources run specials so you might be missing out if you don't have the most recent information possible.

CIM (cash in mail) - If the envelope your about to take to the post office looks like it is full of cash you can do better. Try finding a small booklet that is not the same size as the bills or stop at the 99 cent store and find a little package you can put the money inside. This step can help ensure all sources are as safe as possible so that we can all continue to get excellent gear for years to come.

Tracking Numbers - If it has been 7 business days since your payment was received and you haven't received your order please reach out to your rep so they can look into it. We will be with you throughout the whole process, so put your mind at ease. Someone recently posted that we have a 1000% success rate, and it's true.

Anyway, just a couple of thoughts on that, there may be more.

It is a journey not a destination...
"Newbies" - just the way the word sounds, let the way it is thrown around comes across like an insult.

It reminds me of the post punk hard core scene in the United States and how anyone new, or didn't pass the punk police's approval, was labeled a "poser". In case no one noticed that scene died. It didn't welcome new people in and turned into this insestuous circle jerk of who was more hard core than who.

This is one of the reasons I always take time out to express appreciation to individuals who post on these sites. I let them know, "You are welcome here. Post up questions and participate in threads. It's tons of fun."

1 Major point to note, I do not encourage anyone younger than late 20's to use AAS. But that does not mean you can not be a part of this brilliant community. I guarantee you, should one of you start a thread that focuses on work out exercises and routines I will post on it every day. I Love to talk about all things gym and training.

And I have no doubt that all the 1 - Stop Domestic Shop reps will also welcome every member of this community, new, long term, or otherwise. One of my first posts ever, on any site was a thread that RickRock was running and he was as cool with me then as he is now.

We are all on this journey together. Let's enjoy it...
I am seeing many Bros who took a minute out to be distracted by Covid and are now remembering how important this life style has proven for them in the past. Whether you are a weekend site lurker, regular, or new guy I'd like to express my appreciation to you for coming to the site and clicking on my thread.

I encourage you to drop back a couple weeks and check out my posts. I've been on a roll lately, if I do say so myself (and apparently I do) and I enjoy sharing my posts with anyone who has a minute in their day to check them out.

And regardless of how new a member or how often you stop in, you are a member of this community. So check out my posts and post your thoughts, or start your own threads so I can check out yours.

No social distancing required.

Before and after pics.

Should you doubt the authenticity of the Buddha (are you crazy? I know) check the scar in center of abs ( don?t ask).

I?ve been on Axiom Test E at 80mg a week and 3iu of our generic HGH for past 5 months and am so happy with results so far.

Of course training all out throughout pandemic and calories dialed in for cut. But, no doubt, top quality gear taking it to the next level.

Loving it...
I so appreciate you RickRock. Looking over your post here I am even more aware of ways our interactions have supported my setting of goals and driving myself towards them.

We are truly on this journey together...

Wow!! Looking great bro. That's a hell of a change. Nice work!!

PM one of use for the most recent 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list and join us on the path of unlimited self development...
So, to break from the norm I thought I'd post something mildly philosophical today........................I was just waiting for the people who dropped back a few posts and started wondering, "Isn't that what this Bro usually does?' Yes, it is, I'm just being a little playful on my way into a serious post.

So lets get the heavy lifting out of the way first. The "working set" of this post, and then we will back into it.

The delusion of independent origination is one of the core elements of suffering in this world.

I know it sounds complicated but you can drop back to that after reading this whole post and hopefully it will make more sense then.

I will start out by stating, any individuals involved in aggression, any kind of violence, or stealing during the recent demonstrations is succumbing to their worst fundamental darkness. These behaviors have impacted a number of people close to me and I could not be more livid. And just to drive the point home, when these actions negatively impact friends of the Buddha the negative effects are going to be that much more extreme.

But who are the perpetrators of the aggression and why are they doing it. Antifa is in there, a bunch of spoiled little brats who wouldn't know "anarchy" if it slapped them across their ignorant faces. But there are also individuals who benefit from making violence the face of this movement, the thing that makes it on the news, even as hundreds of thousands of people peacefully demonstrate across the county.

I love to train in the gym, eat a strict diet, use gear responsibly, and be a members of a number of communities that seek positive transformations. That is the reason I'm here, and why I walk the walk in my faith based organization.

Bodybuilding and consistent spiritual practice (I chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo as supported by the, but by all means follow the path that works for you) give me an opportunity to bring out my best and have a positive influence on the people around me, including youth who might not have good examples of this in any other areas of their lives.
It also helps me feel safe when it chaotic situations just because of my size and the way I carry myself.

We are all on this journey together. We are all interconnected.

Reach out to me for more on my spiritual practice if you are interested in it, or to tell me how yours is helping you reveal your unlimited potential and help others do the same.

As long as any of us are suffering we are all suffering...
I so appreciate you RickRock. Looking over your post here I am even more aware of ways our interactions have supported my setting of goals and driving myself towards them.

We are truly on this journey together...

PM one of use for the most recent 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list and join us on the path of unlimited self development...
Absolutely brother. That's what it's all about. I appreciate your support as well my friend!
I just had an awesome leg workout and found myself, as I was driving home, looking forward to sharing it with our community.

I encourage everyone here to jump onto this thread with similar experiences, questions, whatever. You can also start your own threads about stuff, but posting on here can help give you a feel for how you want to present ideas and get feedback from others.

I know I don't have to tell you this was all in strict form so I won't mention it.

So anyway, I started with leg extensions - 6 sets with reps from 15 to 8, followed by box squats - 5 sets/15-8. I mentioned the guy who guided me on my squat journey a week or so ago, and he insisted on box squats as you don't get that bounce at the bottom to help shift the weight. Going down to where you just feel the box below you, without putting your weight on it, leads to you getting full range of motion every rep and keeps the weight in the target muscles. On to leg curls - 5 sets/15-8, leg press 4/15-8 with a triple drop set, calves, triple drop set on extensions, and finally (and I had to walk up stairs for this which was a little challenging in itself) lower back intentions.

Basking in the afterglow in the car on the way home and 8 ounces of chicken with a cup of fruit salad to ice the experience.

Let me know what you have been training...
I'm following the guidance from one of my own posts today and taking the day off training. I have been so in my flow in the gym since getting back in that I could easily keep going, but as I stated in that post, growth happens when you are resting, eating, and living a balanced life. So based on my involvement with Bros here I maintain the awareness of the importance of walking what I talk.

This is another reason why this community is so important for all of us. I assure you, regardless of how much you meditate, pray, or engage in some other spiritual practice there will be times when you start to feel overwhelmed. It is in those moments that reading a recent post, or just having one of the other members here share a word of encouragement with you that can turn a key that unlocks new insights that lead to positive growth.

We are all interconnected....
I saw a post from a respected Bro where he has been doing 1 1/2iu's of pharmacy HGH and 1 1/2iu's of generic, split 12 hours a part, so I did a little research and came up with doing something similar. I will restarting;

1 1/2iu's Serostim from one of our sources a day along with 1 1/2iu's of our generic 12 hours apart. The Serostim is a little pricey but at 1 1/2iu's a day a box lasts 3 months. I am having such great results from all our sources products I know this is going to take it to a new level. If you haven't seen my recent pictures showing results of 5 months of generic HGH with a TRT dose of 80mg a week check my Buddha in the Mix thread. (the one your reading, and since you will dropping back a few weeks check any posts you may have missed. I've been on a roll lately)

I feel confident that I'll be posting another pair of before/after pictures in 3 months.

PM me here for a price list or connect with me on the Wickr me app for even faster responses...

Just getting started...
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We didn't fight our way through to get sick now.

Gyms are opening so lets help ensure that we stay safe and healthy, and promote the health and safety of those around us. So;

Sanitize your hands upon entry of the gym and in between exercises. They supply wipes at some of the gyms I go to and I like to wipe down the equipment after I use it.

Maintain social distancing. Sometimes I work out with people and it hasn't been a problem to interact between sets while standing 6 feet apart.

Check your temperature if you aren't feeling well and take the day off if necessary. This will help prevent putting strain on your immune system if your coming down with something and help prevent the spread of germs.

There is a quote that goes something like, "I take care of myself in order to help others, and I take care of others in order to help myself."

We are all interconnected...

PM me here for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list or connect with me on Wickr me app where I am also buddhabuilder for even faster responses.
It's the count down for gyms to open in California.

The governor gave the go ahead last week and I am hearing reports that many chain gyms will be open Friday.

Now is the time Bros! Get your most up to date price list, interact with one of the 1 - Stop Domestic Shop reps regarding cycle and workout plans and get ready to take it to a whole new level.

PM me here or even better, connect with me on the Wickr me app where I am also buddhabuilder.

Who is doing squats first day back?
My recent before and after photos following 5 months of cutting while on 80mg Axiom Test E a week and 3iu's of our Generic HGH a day (drop back a couple of weeks if you haven't seen then) got me thinking about all things nutrition so I'm writing a post about it.

The "before" picture there is actually what I would "cut" down to each year. My idea of a cut was going from eating 6 meals a day with 32 oz of yogurt snack to 4 meals a day. Sure, I lost weight and showed some definition, but nothing like when I sat down, did the math, and leaned into it. If you have been following my posts for a while you may have heard me wax nostalgic about the 10 years I spent eating 2 1/2 pounds of chicken, meat, or fish every day (most days anyway), and that was the path I walked to go from a body weight of 172lbs to 230 (I'm about 212 now).

Rich Piana, the man we all used to love to hate (may he find peace in his next existence) went on at length about the need to eat big to get big. And although he was a bit over the top in many ways this is the truth. I was trying to convey this information to a skinny man-boy in the gym one day and he was saying something along the lines of, "I just can't get myself to eat more than I already am". To which I replied, "Just chew the food up and wash it down with water. If it was easy everyone would be a bodybuilder".

A theme in some of my posts lately has been that growth happens when your not in the gym, and one of the main places that happens is in the kitchen.

What ever your current physique goals contact me on the Wickr app for guidance on your next cycle and get the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list.

Bon appetit...
" got them pics for us?....."

Drop back to my June 1st post Bro, and I kid you not, when I post again in 3 months I'm going to be even more full and defined.

1 - Stop Domestic Shop for all your cycle, support, and enhancement needs.

PM Me here or Connect with me on the Wickr me app for even faster responses....
Who has recently gotten back into the gym?

If you have been following any of my posts over the past 5 months you know I took a, "By any means necessary", approach to training from the very start of the pandemic. Whether it was body weight exercises, lifting inanimate objects, or resistance bands, I was all in.

So when the big gyms opened up I felt like I was at an amusement park. Spoiled for choice I maintained my mindfulness;

-Full range of motion
-pause at the bottom of the negative
-initiate the motion with the target muscle
-squeeze at top of resistance
-and visualize in order to maintain mind/muscle connection

Just really enjoying the process.

As always, PM me here for a 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list or for even faster responses connect with me on the Wickr me app where I am also buddhabuilder.

Enjoy your training...
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