Body developing tolerance to Drugs

Im being serious, how the FUCK do you have a six pack and a pot belly at the same time. The look on their faces is as if they feel some serious sense of accomplishment. If ronnie coleman competed with arnold and lou ferigno in the 80s he'd of gotten booed of the stage. It defies logic to me. That seriously has to come with serious ramifications for future health to do that to your self. I watched a rich piana video where he said he was on growth for 2 yrs straight and he said his hat size went up 2 sizes due to his head growing. His FUCKING head grew. That cant be healthy.
how do you not see this going on while its occurring... i mean, when you see yourself looking pregnant, how can you not force yourself to just stop? i dont know but six pack or not, its fucking disturbing and disgusting... i would boo them off the stage if i were there...
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