Blood work


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So I've got to ask as I see you guys publishing blood work a lot, how are you guys getting this done like what are you saying to your doctors without them getting suspicious XD LOL


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Just pick panel and pay on line . If you want labcorp use privatemdlabs if you want quest use Labsmd . I use Labsmd because the labcorp offices near me are very busy and it takes forever . there is a quest place that you get in and out

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yeh man, you go to the site, pick what you want (most people do the female hormone panel which tests testosterone and estrogen) since it's much cheaper, but the testosterone caps out at 1500. you print out the order and go to the lab nearest you. it's as easy as that


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Use the link Dylan code "Rhino" will save you 15%. Super simple, easy and convenient.


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It's easy with no questions asked if you order it yourself from privatemdlabs