Beginner'd Cycle (I'm sure its been answered)


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Everyone- I'm sure this topic has been covered plenty, but I was hoping to put my information out and see what might be the best route for me. I'm currently 8 weeks out from my first classic physique competition (I have competed in mens physique in the past) and I'm looking to do a good 6-8 weeks cycle. I will say, I have done plenty of SARMS and had good results, but I want to take it up a level. I'm currently on 200mg of TRT Test C and I'm just looking to add something to it. I'm trying to keep in mind the side effect, so the least harsh for my initial cycle is the goal. I'm in good shape around 10% BF and weight 190 cutting to 180 or so. I do have MPB tendencies so that as well, but very healthy otherwise. ANy opinions greatly appreciated.
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31 and Test is Dr prescribed. I had pretty low T and estrogen levels. Should have mentioned that above.
so you never done steroids before aside from test?

8 weeks out you should of have this planned out already bro.

At this point just stick to SARMS/test honestly, if you want to throw some winny and DGA cycle support 5 weeks leading up, go for it.

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Bump Tazz, 8 weeks how is not the time to be starting the cycle
this is extremely poor planning and i also find it extremely hard to believe you are on doctor prescribed trt at 300 mg per week... that is NOT a trt dose.. thats you staying on year round which is not going to be pleasant for your long term health... how long have you been on trt
Dylan- much apologies, I should have proof read. 200mg/week. I have been on it for 4 weeks. I couldn’t agree more about poor planning and quite frankly wasn’t planning on running anything. I’m not looking to jump
Into Tren or anything that’s so intense, more so if there was anything worth finishing with.
Definitely should have planned better, as I wasn’t planning on running anything for this show. Maybe my question should have been more geared towards something to finish with like a Winny or anavar? Or if it’s even worth it at this point?
if you've only been on test 4 weeks and you have never ran any other cycle, the only thing i would add is sarms... you havent even ran one real cycle otherwise aside from sarms and running different steroids on a first cycle is not advisable at all man
This is exactly what I was looking for. Is running something along the lines of Ostarine with the Test a pretty good combination? Any other additions? Thanks again, Dylan.
just depends on your goals... if you are going into a show, i would go with something that acts a bit faster considering your time frame so i would go with s4 and gw
If you're going to start something now I would pull out of the show and plan for another show down the road
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