Bad experience with TSG direct order [email protected]


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Hey all. I unfortunately had a bad experience with ordering direct with [email protected]
I have ordered from him directly of years and for some reason on an order of 1/23/2023 they chose to rip me off. At first the story I got was that they were waiting to deliver my German Labs HGH. Then I kept asking about the stuff and for months they get saying they were waiting on the German Labs HGH. Then he just stopped responding to my e-mails asking for me to just send the stuff. It's odd because I have been such good customer of theirs for many years and all of a sudden out of no where I was ripped off. I would be wary.
I would never order from someone with that email and trust it, he couldn't be discreet with what he was doing jeez lol.

I use and run para pharma I get my stuff fast and know it's legitimate each and everytime I order it.
email sources are not the way to go
I suggest using
they are approved
they have the Para pharma brand
Domestic Supply is legit and they have a website and they are on point with everything. Try them next time.
Why are you using these crappy sources? That's what I don't understand.
Bros. Check the banner as we have so many approved sources. Use one of them.
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